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The UELAC Loyalist Trails Newsletter Archive

Archived Issues

This is the 2008 archive of Loyalist Trails. For other years, start from the index page.

2008 Newsletters

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-48: December 28 2008
- Executed Loyalists I: Two Quakers -- © Stephen Davidson
- National Portrait Gallery of Canada Petition
- The Canadian Museum For Human Rights
- Anglo-Celtic Connections; A Blog by John Reid
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Editor's Note: Happy New Year
- Queries:
      + Response re Black Powder Club and The Loyalist Cup

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-47: December 21 2008
- Was She Truly a Loyalist? -- © Stephen Davidson
- Appreciated Corrections and Additions: Stephen Davidson
- Dr. Hereward Senior, Loyalist Historian, Celebrates a Long and Productive Life
- Sir William Johnson Papers Revised Edition CD Available from the New York State Library
- Last Post: CRUIKSHANK, Janice Marion (nee Dewitt), UE
- Editor's Note: Merry Christmas

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-46: December 14 2008
- White Collar Loyalists: Thomas Jefferson's Friend -- © Stephen Davidson
- Ed Kipp and George Anderson Bus Trips
- Data on the Existing Cemeteries in the United Counties of Dundas and Stormont
- Index to the 1786 McNiff Maps
- Donations to The Friends of the Loyalist Collection at Brock University
- "The State Of Vermont Rolls Of The Solders In the Revolutionary War - 1775 to 1783"
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Last Post: David Stuart Gilmor
- Last Post: Elisabeth Merkley
- Queries:
      + James Forsyth of Niagara vs James Forsyth of Cornwall

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-45: December 7 2008
- White Collar Loyalists: New York's Mayor -- © Stephen Davidson
- The Eagle Has Landed - Fall Issue of the Loyalist Gazette
- Scots to Celebrate with Homecoming 2009, the 250th Anniversary of Robbie Burns' Birth
- Prince of Wales American Volunteers
- A Poem to Our Ancestors
- The Book of Negroes Selected for "Canada Reads"
- Three Peoples, One King, by Jim Piecuch
- Shopping for Heritage Items
- Evacuation Day Comments and George Washington's Death
- CD of Molly of the Mohawks Available
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Last Post: WOODRUFF, Bruce
- Queries:
      + Family of James, son of Jacobus Van Alstine

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-44: November 30 2008
- White Collar Loyalists: A Lawyer -- © Stephen Davidson
- Prairie Regional Seminar Rocks
- Senator Grafstein to Push National Portrait Gallery Plan for Ottawa - Petition
- Award Winning Authors: Jean Rae Baxter UE and Lawrence Hill
- Beacons Mark 1783 British Exit: Manhattan Evacuation
- The Loyal American Regiment
- Participants in the Battle of Saratoga
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Queries:
      + Demorest/Demarest family of Foxboro, Hastings Co, ON
- Last Post:
      + Charles Lindsay Gerow UE
      + Vida "May" Dorland

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-43: November 23 2008
- Four Loyalist Shoemakers -- © Stephen Davidson
- Loyalist Chair Finds New Home North of the Border
- When did Settlement begin at Caldwell Manor?
- Evacuation Day Celebration Nov 25
- Congratulation Indeed to Okill Stuart
- Abner Stocking's Account of the Expedition Against Quebec in 1775
- Loyalist House in Prescott Area Available
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Queries:
      + John Pencil (Pensyl) of Butler's Rangers

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-42: November 16, 2008
- Three Loyalist Padres -- © Stephen Davidson
- Ontario Lt. Gov.and Mrs. Onley Visit Grand River Branch
- Simon Girty, Turncoat Hero - book review by David Beasley
- Book, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 1975-2007, Now Available
- Past President Okill Stuart Honoured Again
- Butler Homestead Monument Unveiled
- "Immigrants to Canada" by Library and Archives Canada
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Queries:
      + Sarah Corey Family

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-41: November 9, 2008
- A Loyalist Widow of New Brunswick -- © Stephen Davidson
- Friends of the Loyalist Collection Honoured by Brock University
- Celebrating the 225th Loyalist Landing, at St. Paul's Cathedral, London ON
- Coupland's Monument to the War of 1812 Unveiled
- Letter from Clarence House
- "History of New Brunswick" by Peter Fisher, 1782-1848
- Presenting "The Facts behind the Fiction," by Jean Rae Baxter, UE
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Queries:
      + Andrew Butler and Family
      + David and John Hunter Family
      + Response re Jonathan Burnham Family
      + Response re South River
- Last Post:
      + HOUGH, Donald Harold
      + OWEN, Marjorie Victoria
      + WARTMAN, Gordon Ross, UE

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-40: November 2, 2008
- A Most Amazing Town -- © Stephen Davidson
- More about Port Mouton NS - Sheep Overboard
- The First Winter at Port Mouton
- Fall Issue of the Loyalist Gazette is at the Printer
- UELAC Takes Part in War of 1812 Celebrations
- UELAC Executives Travel to Branches
- "The Way Lies North" by Jean Rae Baxter Short-listed on Forest of Reading Program
- Fort Ticonderoga's Fifth Annual Revolutionary War Seminar
- Poster and Brochure about The 1984 Loyalist 32˘ Canadian Stamp
- Special Offer for Irish Roots Magazine
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Queries:
      + Response re South River
      + Response re George Waggoner/Wagner
      + Family of Lucinda Thompson
      + George Jacob Bowman
- Last Post:
      + DODDS, Joan LeVatte (nee Burke)
      + GRIFFIN, John Alexander

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-39: October 26, 2008
- Nine Loyalist Teachers -- © Stephen Davidson
- Loyalist Promotion Items by Christmas
- Loyalist Trails Receives Accolade from columnist Ruby Cusack
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Queries:
      + Response re Port Mattoon
      + Simon DeLong
      + George Waggoner/Wagner Family
      + Where is South River?
- Last Post:
      + MOKE, Elva May
      + DORLAND, John Terrance
      + Lois Eleanor Metler

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-38: October 19, 2008
- Bermuda's Loyalist Governor -- © Stephen Davidson
- New Articles About Sir John Johnson
- Sir Johnson in Esprit de Corps Magazine
- Updated List of Books for the Young at Heart
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Last Post: Jean Irene Lake

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-37: October 12, 2008
- Sarah Huffnail's Tombstone -- by Jean Norry
- 2008 Phillip E.M. Leith Memorial Award Presented to Dr. Peter N. Moogk UE
- New York State Military Museum Reopens
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Last Post: Albert A. Dorland
- Queries:
      + Response re Joseph Slack Family
      + John Noble Family and the Winter of 1783 (or 1782) in Port Mattoon NS

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-36: October 7, 2008
- Imprisoned Puppeteer in a Loyalist Town -- © Stephen Davidson
- Pacific Region Celebrated 225th Anniversary of the Loyalists' Fall Fleet Landing, September 26-28, 2008
- "Planters and Pioneers" by Dr. Esther Clark Wright
- Queries:
      + Response re Simon Fraser and John Roy MacDonell
      + Joseph Slack Family
      + Elisha Jones, d1776, Massachusetts

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-35: September 28, 2008
- The Shipwreck of the Martha and its Canine Hero -- © Stephen Davidson
- DNA - Your Way To Lost Family, by Richard Shaw
- Toronto Branch UELAC, Third Annual Genealogy Workshop
- Pre-Republication Offer for "Loyalists of New Brunswick", by Dr. Esther Clark Wright
- Book Launch of From Bloody Beginnings: Richard Beasley's Upper Canada
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Last Post: KINGSTON, Leara I.
- Queries:
      + Simon Fraser and John Roy MacDonell

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-34: September 22, 2008
- Elizabeth Woodward: Loyalist Castaway -- © Stephen Davidson
- UE Address Sign Now Available from UELAC
- Johnstown's 250th Anniversary
- A Visit To St. Lawrence Branch
- Addendum to Reunion of Jonathan Sewell (Sewall) June 2008 in Quebec City
- Loyalists of Balls-town NY
- Additions to the Loyalist Directory
- Last Post:
      + FLOWERS, Donald James
      + Richard Gallion
      + BARTON, Betty

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-33: September 14, 2008
- Loyalist Shipwreck © Stephen Davidson
- The Arrival Quest, Williamstown Monument
- Reunion of Jonathan Sewell (Sewall) June 2008 in Quebec City
- Book Review Opportunity for Simon Girty; Turncoat Hero
- Loyalists Quarterly, Sept Issue now Available
- Queries:
      + Response re Loyalist Bumper Stickers
      + Response re Matthys Lampman, son of Frederick
      + Response re "Neutralists" and Samuel Benedict Family
      + More Response re Joseph Doan Sr. Family

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-32: September 7, 2008
- Obnoxious Because They Prayed, -- © Stephen Davidson
- Canada Post Stamp Honours Canadian Entrepreneur and Philanthropist R.S. McLaughlin
- Antiquarian Bookseller now offers UEL collecting focus
- Queries:
      + Response re Joseph Doan Family
      + Information About Neutralists
      + Loyalist Bumper Stickers
      + Information about Matthys Lampman, son of Frederick
      + Information about a Wheeler Musket from 1799

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-31: August 31, 2008
- Alive but Struck Down, by Stephen Davidson
- Cdn. War Museum Launches a New Internet Exhibition
- United Empire Loyalist Heritage Centre and Park Seeks Financial Outreach
- Home of Dr. James Stuart UE Opened
- Queries:
      + Request from SAR - NY
      + Loyalists Declared Politically Deceased
      + Joseph Doan Family
      + Loyalist David Hunter's brother John

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-30: August 24, 2008
- Two Friends Named Isaac, by Stephen Davidson
- The Pausing American Loyalist - 1776
- Ontario Descendants of Irish Palatines 300th Anniversary of 1709 Palatine Emigration
- Book Review: Loyalists and Layabouts, by Stephen Kimber
- Correction: Book Review: Loyalism in the Hoosick Valley, by Bernard C. Young

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-29: August 17, 2008
- Editor's Note
- Welcome from New President Fred Hayward UE
- Prelude to The Toast to Our Loyalist Ancestors at UELAC Conference 2008 in Saint John
- Congratulations to Fred Hayward
- Pictures from Conference in Saint John NB
- Reading the Minister's Diary, by Stephen Davidson
- Commemoration of the 194th Anniversary of the 1814 Battle of Plattsburgh: September 6-14
- Book Review: Loyalism in the Hoosick Valley, by Bernard C. Young
- Book: Three Battalions of Loyalists Commanded by Brigadier-General Oliver De Lancey
- Ontario Archives Improves Access to Ontario Land Record Index
- Census Records of Canada Online
- The National Archives (TNA) (at Kew)
- Pennsylvania Archives Military Records
- Family History Day in Middleton NS focuses on Loyalists
- Canadian Calendar of Genealogy and History Events, Announced by CanadaGenWeb
- Addenda to Closing of Lyons Creek United Church
- Last Post: Stewart Young

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-28: July 25, 2008
- God Bless You Please, Mrs. Robinson, by Stephen Davidson
- Stephen Davidson Article in The Beaver magazine
- Conference 2008 in Saint John, New Brunswick
- Submissions for the Fall Issue of the Loyalist Gazette
- Loyalists Quarterly - July Edition new Available

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-27: July 6, 2008
- Farewell and Thanks: President Peter Johnson UE
- Brothers Who Bore Arms Together, by Stephen Davidson
- Another Loyalist Doctor: Dr. Robert Kerr
- Lyons Creek United Church Closing
- Ottawa Citizen Feature on Inundated Villages of The St Lawrence Valley
- Rev War Reenactors and Loyalist Sympathizers - Shelburne NS on TV
- Wish "Yankee Doodle" a happy 250th birthday
- Loyalist Directory Additions
- Queries:
      + Response re Abraham DeForest
      + Black Powder Club and The Loyalist Cup
      + Descendants of Benedict Arnold

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-26: June 29, 2008
- Regina Branch's Eighth UEL Day in Saskatchewan
- The Loyalists are Coming: Article Noting the Upcoming Conference in Saint John
- Were There Any Loyalist Women? by Stephen Davidson
- Another Loyalist Doctor: Dr. James Macnab
- Loyalist Directory Additions
- Queries:
      + Information on early Burnham Family in Canada
      + Information on Edward Stooks UE, and Descendant Larry Lee
      + Descendents of Sarah Kast McGinness
      + Descendents of Jacob Bowman and his wife Elizabeth
      + Descendents of Abraham Deforest

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-25: June 22, 2008
- Your Loyalists and Ours -- Generally Speaking, by Stephen Davidson
- Addendum to Stephen Davidson's Ordinary Fellow, Thomas Peters
- Loyalist Day In Ontario
- Passenger List for Ship Cyrus
- Canada Day Celebration with "Robert Land, Esq." Loyalist Soldier and Spy
- The Oriskany Alliance, by James Maracle
- 10th Annual Young Family Reunion Saturday, July 12, 2008
- Loyalist Directory Additions
- Queries:
      + Information on the descendants of two Allison brothers, descendants of Casper and Henry Hover/Hoover
      + Responses re Returning Loyalists and Land Rights
- Last Post:
      + Helen Kinsley, UE
      + June Currie
      + Marguereite Huggins

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-24: June 15, 2008
- Two Ordinary (Loyalist) Fellows, by Stephen Davidson
- Long-lost shipwreck located; HMS Ontario Sank in 1780 in a Storm
- Government of Canada Supports Shelburne County Archives & Genealogical Society to Celebrate Loyalist Landing
- Book: The Man Who Said No: Reading Jacob Bailey, Loyalist, by Kent Thompson
- U.E. Loyalist Centennial
- Book about Loyalist Henry Cronkhite
- Loyalist Directory Additions
- Last Post: Ida Elizabeth Rogers, UE
- Queries:
      + Who was BETTY SCOTT?
      + Loyalists who Later Returned to the USA
      + Seeking Missing Families Descended from the Widow Grant, NB Loyalist
      + Response re Maritime Hawleys
      + Response re Description of Armorial Bearings

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-23: June 8, 2008
- Benjamin Whitecuff, Black Loyalist Spy, by Stephen Davidson
- Book Review: Loyalist and Layabout: The Rapid Rise and Faster Fall of Shelburne, Nova Scotia 1783­1792, by Stephen Kimber
- ACO Calls on the Province to be Pro-Active in Saving Ontario's Heritage
- Loyalist Directory Additions
- Last Post: MacMurray, Wallace P.
- Queries:
      + Church Service Suggestions
      + Information about the Maritime Hawleys
      + Widow Ruth Nichols in New Brunswick
      + Description of Armorial Bearings

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-22: June 1, 2008
- My New American Cousins, by Norman Hawley, Descendant of Ichabod Hawley
- Five Spies Who Settled in New Brunswick, by Stephen Davidson
- Grant Reunion August 1-3, 2008 at Southampton, New Brunswick
- Loyalist Directory Additions
- Loyalist Ships
- Last Post: SHAVER UE, Walter Edmond
- Last Post: NEVILLE, Donald Horne, UE

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-21: May 25, 2008
- Four Spies Who Settled in Canada, by Stephen Davidson
- Official Opening of the Butler Homestead Park and Unveiling of the Monument
- Table of Contents of Spring 2008 Loyalist Gazette
- Oldest University in the Commonwealth Outside the United Kingdom
- CD: Tour Guides to Historic Sites in the Mohawk and Hudson Valleys, Eastern Ontario and Southwestern Quebec
- Victoria Cross Addendum
- Northern New York Newspapers Online
- New Internet Address for Col. John Butler Branch
- Loyalist Directory Additions
- Last Post: Pederson, Lucy Wagar, UE
- Last Post: Moody, John Wentworth II
- Queries:
      + Information About Refugee Camp at Yamachiche Quebec
      + Peter Pilkey and the Anchor at Holland Landing

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-20: May 18, 2008
- UELAC Scholarship Winners: Gregory Wigmore and Catherine Cottreau-Robins
- Gregory Wigmore Studies Allegiances in the Detroit River Borderland
- Elderly Loyalists, by Stephen Davidson
- John Letteney, the last survivor of the "American Loyalists"
- Canadian Victoria Cross Unveiled
- Annual Fort Chambly Memorial Service
- Queries:
      + Responses re Andrew Thompson
      + Information about Family of Schuyler Moor (Moore), Windsor ON and Danville QC

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-19: May 11, 2008
- "Saint John 225": Friday Evening Gathering with Michelle Daigle
- UELAC Scholarship Winners: Catherine Cottreau-Robins and Gregory Wigmore
- Catherine Cottreau-Robins Studies the Daily Life of Slaves in Nova Scotia
- One Feisty Loyalist Grandmother, by Stephen Davidson
- Heritage Canada Foundation Welcomes Passing of Heritage Lighthouse Bill
- James Huff/Hough, Son of James and Phebe Huff/Hough
- Loyalist Directory
- Last Post: KEMLO: David H. (supplement)
- Queries:
      + Response re Loyalist Quilts
      + Captain Andrew Thompson Family

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-18: May 4, 2008
- "Saint John 225" Saturday Morning Seminars: Loyalist of New England Documents & Ghostly Results, by Paul J. Bunnell, UE
- One Roman Catholic Loyalist's Story, by Stephen Davidson
- Window for St. Albans Church a long Time Coming
- Burlington Workshop GENEALOGY: Exploring Your Roots
- OCAPG Seminar: Writing A Narrative Family History
- Norfolk Historical Society Receives Grant from New Horizons for Seniors Program
- Queries:
      + John Thompson of the Gaspe
      + Responses re James Rogers and DMG
      + Response re Loyalist Quilts

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-17: April 21, 2008
- "Saint John 225" Saturday Morning Seminars: The Black Loyalists by David Peters
- Scattered Loyalist Sisters: Sarah, Abigail, and Elizabeth Dibble, by Stephen Davidson
- Kawartha Branch UELAC Wins Heritage Award
- "Subject or Citizen: Treaty of Paris, 1783" Library and Archives Canada, May 6
- Loyalist Ships to Canada
- Last Post: Walter (Wally) Ross WERT UE
- Last Post: Gordon Franklin Osborne UE
- Queries:
      + Concerning James Rogers of the King's Rangers fame
      + Information on John C. Jackson's parents/grandparents

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-16: April 20, 2008
- "Saint John 225" pre-conference tours to Fredericton or King's Landing
- The Revolution's Roman Catholic Loyalists, by Stephen Davidson
- Central West Region Does It In Style
- Adolphustown UEL Centennial United Church Is Turning 124
- Loyalist Longboats and The Order of the Oar
- Loyalist Landing 2008 Stamps and Cancellations
- Probably Few Loyalists at Camp Security
- Additions to the Loyalist Ships List
- Ship's List: Possible Source in British National Archives
- Loyalist Descendant - Deric Ruttan - Makes Music
- Last Post: Carol Elaine Menhennet, UE
- Queries:
      + Descendants of David and Catherine Gabel
      + Information on Gideon Rogers of Thurlow Township, Hastings County, ON
      + Descendants of Sir William Johnson
      + Sort out 'George Buck's in Loyalist Directory

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-15: April 13, 2008
- "Saint John 225" Saturday Seminars: Speaker Stephen Davidson on Loyalist Refugees Shipboard
- Reminder to all Branches of the Central West Region: Meeting April 19
- The Cost of Loyalist Service: An Arm and a Leg, by Stephen Davidson
- Offer to Seek Evidence of Loyalists Who May Have Died at Camp Security
- UEL Heritage Centre and Park Employs First Full-Time Curator
- Ships Which Brought Loyalists to Canada
- Purdy Loyalist Reunion, July 4-6 - Descendents of Gabriel, Gilbert and Henry Purdy
- This Old Tavern - Betty's Tavern in Ballston NY for Sale
- Queries:
      + Information on Staats Springsteen
      + Information on Ancestors of Sarah Tripp
      + Information on Ancestors of Amarilla Smith

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-14: April 6, 2008
- "Saint John 225" Saturday Banquet: Speaker Peter Larocque & Guest The Hon. Herménégilde Chiasson
- The Jewish Loyalists of New York, by Stephen Davidson
- Two New Loyalist Websites - Experiences of Women and Black Loyalists - Launched by UNB
- New Web Site for The Friends of the Loyalist Collection at Brock University
- Last Post: Jean Darrah McCaw Sir John Johnson Branch
- Last Post: Reta (Pyke) Marquette
- Addition to Loyalist Directory: John Morrell
- Queries:
      + Response re Name of ship which took William Hayman and the Royal North Carolina Regiment
      + Response re Names of Ships Bringing Loyalists to Canada

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-13: March 30, 2008
- The Jewish Loyalists of Newport, Rhode Island, by Stephen Davidson
- UELAC Central West Region Meeting in London on April 19
- Kingston Branch Visit March 29th
- Heritage Project Goes Hi-Tech at Rose Cemetery
- Loyalist Connection to "In Flanders Fields"
- More on William Rawlins Beaumont
- OGS 13th Genealogy "Summer Camp", Toronto, June 8-13, 2008
- The Ancestry of Diana, Princess of Wales
- Hillary Clinton a Descendant of George McDougall
- Last Post: Wilbert Walt UE
- Queries:
      + Honouring Military Veterans Everywhere - John Francis Johnston
      + Information on Family of Lorne Lawrence
      + Which of Ralph Connor's Books Feature Potential Loyalists
      + Names of Ships Bringing Loyalists to Canada
      + Black Settlers from Nova Scotia to London Township Ontario
      + Response re Seeking Information about Sgt. Major Martin Kelly and Wife Rosannah
      + Response re James Rogers, and Margaret and Mary McGregor
      + Response re Name of ship which took William Hayman and the Royal North Carolina Regiment

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-12: March 23, 2008
- Saint John 225 Saturday Seminar: New Brunswick Genealogical Resources by Rose Staples, UE
- Shopkeeper, Glazier and Shoemaker, by Stephen Davidson
- Fort Ticonderoga Museum Opens May 10 for 100th Season
- Understanding the American Revolution: Searching for Balance
- Addendum: Capt. Peter Drummond, Forgotten Loyalist
- Heritage Lighthouse Bill a Step Closer to Becoming Law: Heritage Canada Foundation
- Halifax to Recognize Shelburne's Loyalist Landing
- Information Available: Families of Roger Barton and Jacob Langs
- For Sale: VanKoughnet Family History
- Last Post: Wilbert Arthur Walt, UE
- Last Post: Grant Campbell, UE
- Queries:
      + Name of ship which took William Hayman and the Royal North Carolina Regiment to Nova Scotia in 1783
      + James Rogers, and Margaret and Mary McGregor

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-11: March 16, 2008
- "Saint John 225" Welcoming Reception by Market Slip
- The Hatter, the Gardener and the Hog Farmer by Stephen Davidson
- Capt. Peter Drummond, Forgotten Loyalist
- Remsheg and Jabez Rundle: (Rich Man, Poor Man, by Stephen Davidson)
- More on Richard Cartwright
- Those Infamous Tories again...
- Renaming Strait of Georgia in British Columbia to the Salish Sea
- Source of Loyalist Era Clothing
- Last Post: Glen Bell UE, of Waterford
- Queries:
      + Proof that Henry Merritt is son of Moses Merritt
      + Response re Information on John and Phoebe Schooley

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-10: March 9, 2008
- Rich Man, Poor Man, by Stephen Davidson
- Video: Birchtown and Black Loyalists
- Saratoga Battlefield's First Visitor, Richard Cartwright
- To Stand and Fight Together, Richard Pierpoint — by Steve Pitt
- Leading Myths of the War of 1812, By Don Hickey, Wayne State College
- Special Edition of Farmers & Honest Men by Horst Dresler
- Queries:
      + Information on John and Phoebe Schooley
      + Response re Information on William Beaumont MD
      + Responses re Help to Prove Johannes Vanderburg was a Loyalist

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-09: March 2, 2008
- "Saint John 225" Pre-Conference Trip to King's Landing or Fredericton's UNB
- UELAC Conference 2008: "Researching Loyalist Documents" Seminar
- The Loyalists from France, by Stephen Davidson
- More about "Dutch Uncles"
- Loyalist Ancestors Martin Kelly, Roswell Everts & Richard Dyrk Dingman by the Rideau
- Loyalist Connections to US Political Leaders
- Last Post: Warner, N. Douglas
- Queries:
      + Additional Response re Union Flag
      + Book With Reference to John Rolfe
      + Information on William Beaumont MD, From Edgar John Jarvis
      + Ephraim Eyres UEL and Ayers Family History
      + Information on Nathaniel Gager Family
      + Help to Prove Johannes Vanderburg was a Loyalist

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-08: February 24, 2008
- "Saint John 225" - UELAC Conference 2008
- The Loyalist Pound, Shilling and Pence, by Stephen Davidson
- Edgar John Jarvis 1835-1907
- Presidential Wanderings
- 2008 David Thompson Brigade
- Fort George National Historic Site, Parks Canada - Review of Website by Phoebe Sheppard
- Little Forks Branch UELAC Restoring Cemeteries in Eastern Townships of Quebec
- Queries:
      + Loyalist Lineages of Canada, First Book
      + Information about Jonathan HOWARD or Jonathan LOTHROP
      + Information about John ROLFE or Captain Jonathan WILLARD
      + Information about Moses ROLFE or Banjamin CHENEY Families
      + Response re French Indian (or Seven Years) Wars
      + Response re Loyalist Flag
      + Response re Upper Canada "Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated"

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-07: February 17, 2008
- 'Celebrate British Columbia 150'
- Molly Brant Remembered
- Is There a (Loyalist) Doctor in the House? by Stephen Davidson
- Toronto Branch Special Sale For Loyalist Lineages II
- GOONS and One Name Studies
- Loyalist Directory Update
- Last Post: HURST, Josephine Ellen
- Last Post: MOORE, Lawrence Dale
- Queries:
      + Lance Corporal Fred Fisher, VC
      + Seamstress Wanted
      + Documents Describing UE Executive List Expulsions and Suspensions

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-06: February 10, 2008
- Peter Drummond, by Gavin Watt
- Dutch Uncles -- and Loyalists, by Stephen Davidson
- History's Future Depends on How We Present Our Past
- Building Loyalist Longboats in Shelburne NS
- "History of UELAC": A New Addition
- More Help Needed for the Moore House in Sparta ON
- Centenarian Celebration: Marion Phelps
- More Heritage Celebrations
- Queries:
      + Information on Caleb Swayze gson Thomas Sharp and Maria Sharwood
      + Information on Loyalists and Descendants Settling in Downsview Park, Toronto
      + Information about Sarah E(lizabeth) Wright
      + Queen Anne Union Flag and UELAC
      + Response re Bastedo Family of Princeton ON
      + Responses re John Cousins

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-05: February 3, 2008
- How to Lose Friends and Dishearten Loyalists, by Stephen Davidson
- ISAAC SWAYZE [b.1751 - d.1828]
- SAR-DAR-UEL Discussion Continues
- Notes re Heritage Month
- Queries:
      + Information about Sarah Buck
      + Information on Bastedo Family of Princeton ON
      + Proofs for Sophia Shaw's Parentage

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-04: January 27, 2008
- Five More Loyalist Widows, by Stephen Davidson
- "City on a hill" Ronald Reagan quoting John Winthrop
- Loyalist and Patriot Ancestors
- Loyalist Collection at Brock University Grows
- Queries:
      + Information about John Cousins, Loyalist
      + Response re Loyalist Abiel Briggs and Elizabeth Chase

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-03: January 20, 2008
- Ann Bates: His Majesty's Loyalist Spy, by Stephen Davidson
- Col. John Butler Branch Loyalist Cemetery Plaquing Program
- Family History Becomes a Passion
- "Loyalist Landing 2008" in Shelburne NS Black History Month
- Boston 1775: A History Website
- Course in Toronto: Introduction to Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
- Research Resources for Glengarry Co. Area in Ontario
- Additions to Loyalist Directory
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      + Information about Family of Michael Davy, son of Peter Davy
      + Connecting the 78th Fraser Highlanders with the American Revolution and the Loyalists
      + Family of John Dixson and Elizabeth Johnson
      + Response re MacBass

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-02: January 13, 2008
- Robert Grant, Loyalist Orphan, by Stephen Davidson
- Looking Ahead to Hudson Valley Anniversaries
- January 2008 issue of Loyalists Quarterly now Available
- "Keys to Ontario Research" Workshop, Sat. 23 February 2008, Toronto
- Lawrence Hill to Speak at McMaster University
- Henry Hayden: From Sorel to a Rootsweb Stray
- Heritage Canada Foundation to Celebrate the Built Heritage Workforce for Heritage Day 2008
- Additions to Loyalist Directory
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      + Family of Dr Adoniah MacBass

"Loyalist Trails" UELAC newsletter 2008-01: January 6, 2008
- If Tombstones Could Talk, by Stephen Davidson
- Front Page Loyalist
- Gene-O-Rama in Ottawa 28-29 March 2008
- Last Post: Marylou Kirkby
- History of UELAC: New Section
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      + Loyalist Abiel Briggs and Elizabeth Chase
      + Response re Maybee Family