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Make a donation and help preserve Loyalist history
Make a donation and help
preserve Loyalist history


Ducit Amor Patriae

Ducit amor patriae is Latin for “Patriotism leads me.” - Loyalist Gazette, Vol. X, No. 2, Autumn 1972

The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada strongly supports an increased public awareness of Canada's history. In particular, UELAC spotlights the role of the United Empire Loyalists in our national history. For many years, our membership has not only decried the lack of Canadian history in both our schools and our culture, but also has struggled to resolve this problem at both the local and dominion levels. Our Mission Statement describes our mandate struck to achieve the preservation, promotion and celebration of the history and traditions of the Loyalist period. The importance of education for youth, membership and communities is clearly evident.

Queen Elizabeth II and Canadian Prime Ministers

Queen Elizabeth II was proclaimed sovereign on February 6, 1952, after the death of King George VI. The Queen has met with nearly every Canadian prime minister since her accession to the throne and has been photographed with many of them. This photographic record is a work in progress.

Education and Outreach

At the Dominion level, UELAC has created an Education and Outreach Committee to coordinate and develop resources and programmes for schools, communities and Branches across Canada. In its response, the Dominion Education/Outreach Committee has prepared and distributed the following:

In general, educators may request the teacher resource books from the history/social sciences consultant with the local public/separate school board. Alternatively they may, contact the local branch of the UELAC or send an email with mailing address and school and/or board with which they are involved to the Chairman, Education/Outreach Committee, UELAC.

Many of our branches have people who would love to participate in visits to schools or other organizations. These volunteers are willing to make presentations, create displays and participate in heritage or cultural events etc. Check our "Branches Page" for the website of the Branch in your area for further information and contacts.