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Reenactments & Reenactment Groups

Reenactments: Bringing History to Life

A number of serious history buffs like to bring their history to life by helping to recreate the battles and military actions of yesteryear. Long in advance they prepare appropriate dress and the gear that goes with it. Many will spend weekends at a site living in historically accurate encampments. For many of these this becomes a family affair.

The visitors to the site get to see a relatively authentic encampment, watch a choreographed battle that is a close as possible to what actually happened with a commentator describing the action and providing historical background and the re-enactors get to be involved in something that from all appearances they take great pride in. The visitors get to have an enjoyable history lesson, see the uniforms, get a sort of feeling for the life of a soldier, smell and hear the sounds that perhaps some of their ancestors experienced and tour the battlefield at the same time. The more acquainted people become with history and realize that the soldiers they read about were real people with feelings and family the better appreciation they will have for our history and our military of today and yesterday.

If you know of a particular reenactment group which is applicable to the revolutionary war, we would gladly list those here. If they have a web site which describes them and their activities, we would be pleased to link to it.

Revolutionary War Reenactments

Reenactment Groups

Reenactment Events (Past)

  • Encampment and Reenactment at the UELAC Conference organized by Bay of Quinte Branch, June 2009. Pictures by Nancy Cutway UE of Kingston Branch.
  • King's Royal Yorkers (Kings Royal Regiment of New York) retiring their colours in Williamstown in June 2005.

Reenactor Educators

  • Real Peoples History - Butler's Rangers (McDonell's Company) and The British Native Allies, a Mohawk Nation sanctioned reenactment group.

War of 1812 Reenactments