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Loyalist Research Resources

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Resources: Loyalist History and Genealogy

There are many sources of information about the Loyalist era, about the Loyalists and their families, and about their family histories and genealogies. Some of these resources are available within the branches of the UELAC and the Association itself. Many more are in libraries, archives and research centres. Although this list will never be completed, we are trying to note as many as we can and try to indicate with each any focus it has, be the focus geographical or type of information. The resources first noted are within the UELAC branches and the Association itself, followed by those outside the UELAC.

Branch and UELAC Library Resources

Other Loyalist Library Resources

Online Loyalist Resources

A growing number of resources for the researcher are available online, where the data is directly available to web surfers. This is a short list which we would like to increase. It is not meant to link to information about one family (see our Loyalist Directory), but to resources which are broader. Check the Research Data List below:

Loyalist Resources Available on CD/DVD

More and more reference books and materials are available on CD and for personal and library acquistion.

  • Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution [Review]
  • The Loyalists of America and Their Times: 1620-1816 [Review]
  • The Loyalists of Massachusetts [Review]

Loyalist and Related Resources by Subject

Some researches have assembled information and sources for types or groups of subjects. If you are researching within one of these groups, this information may help you find something more.