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UELAC References & Links

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A Loyalist Bibliography

A United Empire Loyalists' Bibliography: A UEL Bibliography of the American Revolution, and the Post War Settlement of the Loyalists, complied by Lieutenant Colonel William A. Smy, OMM, CD, UE

Loyalist Proclamations and Documents

Book Reviews, Loyalist and Related Books

We will be periodically adding reviews of books that may be of interest to members and friends of the UELAC. We would like to invite you to visit our Book Reviews page. We are sure you will find it educational as well as interesting.

We would welcome reviews of books that may be of interest, they will be reviewed by our Committee and if they meet our criteria will be published on our web site.

If you have a book review you would like to have considered please submit it (with a photo if possible) to

Resources for Researching Loyalist History and Genealogy

There are many sources of information about the Loyalist era, about the Loyalists and their families, and about their family histories and genealogies. Some of these resources are available within the branches of the UELAC and the Association itself. Many more are in libraries, archives and research centres. Although this list will never be completed, we are trying to note as many as we can and try to indicate with each any focus it has, be the focus geographical or type of information. Visit our resource centre directory.

UELAC Press Releases

To bring attention to many of the significant events and projects, press releases are issued from time to time. They may be accessed here, and used freely.

Reading List for Elementary Schools

A list of books which are suitable for young readers (and readers young at heart).

Other Sites with Loyalist Reference Information, Tools, etc.

The Olive Tree Genealogy Homepage: has a lot of information on Loyalists in the Niagara area. Choose LOYALISTS from the Main Menu.

Carleton's Loyalist Index and the Book of Negroes on the The Sir Guy Carleton Branch website (see bottom of their homepage)

The On-line Institute For Advanced Loyalist Studies: A very comprehensive site about the Loyalist Regiments, History, Genealogy etc.

The Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online, by Library and Archives Canada: It is with great pleasure that we invite you to explore the history of Canada's inhabitants and their culture, thanks to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online. There, you will meet people who played an important role in the formation of what is now Canada. This first phase presents persons who died between the years 1000 and 1930 or whose last known date of activity falls within these years. We are certain that this new means of consulting the Dictionary of Canadian Biography/Dictionnaire biographique du Canada (DCB/DBC), a major research and publishing project launched by the University of Toronto and the Université Laval in 1959, will provide a much easier access to the published biographies and the information that interests you. There is an alphabetic listing by surname, as well as a search facility.

Start your family tree with Family tree creator, from Ancestry (free to use).