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Dominion Head Office

Vision Statement

To enrich the lives of Canadians through fostering public awareness of our national history, and, in particular, of the United Empire Loyalists and their contributions to Canada, while also celebrating their memory and perpetuating their heritage as an integral part of the Canadian identity.

This vision statement was adopted at the Annual General Meeting June 8, 2002.

Mission Statement

To preserve, promote and celebrate the history and traditions of the Loyalist epoch in Canadian history by:

1) Uniting in a Canadian association the descendants of those families who, during the American Revolutionary War, sacrificed all to retain their loyalty to the British crown.

2) Collecting and cataloguing portraits, documents, books, weapons, flags, clothing and other artifacts relating to the United Empire Loyalists.

3) Publishing an historical and family research journal, books and newsletters as well as educational resource materials and encouraging scholarship and publication about Loyalist history and demography.

4) Erecting, constructing and repairing buildings, monuments and memorials in Canada to perpetuate the memory of the United Empire Loyalists.

5) Increasing public awareness of the Loyalist contributions to Canada and preserving, defending,and promoting Loyalist heritage within Canadian society, by developing and participating in projects and activities which honour and celebrate the memory of the United Empire Loyalists.

6) Defending and promoting the values and institutions fundamental to Canada's United Empire Loyalist heritage and, in particular, the Constitutional Monarchy, the Commonwealth, Parliamentary Government, the Rule of Law, Human Rights and Unity.

This mission statement was adopted at the Annual General Meeting June 8, 2002.

Where Does UELAC Go From Here?

Organisations which do not evolve with the world around them may well have challenges adapting, let alone surviving. Those which do respond are more likely to continue, and perhaps even thrive.

David Laskey UE posed the question to members and interested others through an article "Where do we go from here?"

To that question, a number of people responded with a variety of ideas, suggestions, thoughts.

A meeting of the UELAC Council in October of 2014 explored the future, discussed some possible initiatives and formed committees to look more deeply, with deadlines for reports. Read these notes and the short term actions through early 2015.

Press Releases

To bring attention to many of the significant events and projects, press releases are issued from time to time. They may be accessed here, and used freely.

Privacy Policy

The UELAC has had a privacy policy to protect individual's personal information for some time. With the recent focus on privacy, and the laws enacted by Canada and several of the provinces therin, our policy and procedure has been formalized. You may download it here as a PDF file or request a copy by contacting the Dominion Office above.

UELAC Directors and Officers

The Directors of the UELAC include all of the people and positions listed below.
The Officers are the same but excluding the Regional Councillors.

President: Bonnie Schepers UE
Past President: Robert C. McBride UE
Senior Vice President: Barbara J. Andrew UE
Treasurer: Jim Bruce UE
Secretary: Jo Ann Tuskin UE

Vice President, Atlantic Region: Jim McKenzie UE
Vice President, Central East Region: Roy Lewis UE
Vice President, Central West Region: Sue Hines UE
Vice President, Prairie Region: Gerald Adair UE
Vice President, Pacific Region: Diane Faris UE

Councillor, Atlantic Region: David Laskey UE
Councillor, Central East Region: Myrtle Johnston UE
Councillor, Central West Region: David Kanowakeron Hill Morrison UE
Councillor, Prairie Region: Joyce Lidster UE
Councillor, Pacific Region: Marlene Dance UE