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Make a donation and help
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UELAC Promotions Catalogue

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Promotions Catalogue

Welcome to the UELAC Catalogue! The items in this catalogue each feature some representation of the UELAC. We hope you will enjoy wearing, using or displaying your selection, and satisfying the curiosity it is sure to arouse in others.

The catalogue is divided into categories. Choose a category from the list below; alternatively, read our ordering information page or scroll down for the background on the UELAC promotions calatogue. NOTE: if branches buy pins or promotional items in bulk, there is a discounted rate (a branch fund-raising opportunity!).


The UELAC Promotions Committee's line of clothing and gifts is designed to provide you with high-quality apparel and let you display your Loyalist heritage.

Promotional Items

Pins, Ribbons, Medals


  • Moving Ever Westward: Loyalist Descendants Come to British Columbia – via Vancouver Branch
  • The Burdens of Loyalty: Refugee Tales from the First American Civil War – via New Brunswick Branch
    by Stephen Eric Davidson
  • Loyalists All – via New Brunswick Branch
    Stories told about New Brunswick Loyalists by their descendants
  • The Loyalists of New Brunswick – via New Brunswick Branch
    by Esther Clark Wright
  • Some Burial Records of the Loyalist Burial Ground, Saint John, NB – via New Brunswick Branch
    by Graeme F. Somerville
  • Their Loyalty They Kept – via New Brunswick Branch
    by Glen N. Wiche
  • Loyalist Vignettes and Sketches – via Gov. Simcoe Branch
    Short items about Loyalist ancestors (1-5 pages) mostly by descendants

UEL Loyalist Plaque/Grave Marker

UELAC has developed a Plaque/Grave Marker to be used primarily to mark the graves of UE Loyalists who have been proven through UELAC. It may be used by the same eligible people as a wall plaque.

For details, eligibility and ordering instructions go here.

Background & General Information

In 2002, the UELAC realized that those of us who are Loyalists or are just interested in the Loyalist era would like more ways to tell others that we are interested in the Loyalist Heritage. At the same time, the UELAC was about ten years from its centennial celebration as an organization, in 2014. There have been and will be other significant dates as well, such as the 225th anniversary of the landing of the Loyalists in 2008/2009, Canada 150 in 2017, and more beyond.

The UELAC Promotions Committee was formed and has undertaken to provide a variety of items to us to help us promote the Loyalist heritage and the Association. Profits realized from the sale of items will be used towards some suitable Memorial projects leading up to various celebrations.

Many of the items have been or are apparel: hats, jackets, shorts, vests, ties, scarves etc. Other items are for food and beverage, notably the variety of drinking glasses and mugs. Then there is the luggage and valise. Finally , the remaining goods are for display purposes, like the commemorative plate, the crest, sticky pads, vase, licence plate frame and a couple of pins. Items which prove less popular are withdrawn and new items are being added all the time.

The primary objective of the Committee is to provide good quality promotional items which we as members, and friends, can be proud to wear, use or display. Any profit which is earned at the end of the year is used for new goods and to set aside to help fund the projects and events leading up to our centennial celebrations. When branches are involved in the sales process, they too earn a small sum which will be likewise put towards branch projects, oriented to preserving and promoting the Loyalist Heritage. As members belong to a Branch, the Branch name can be embroidered on some clothing items for small fee.