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Where in the World ... ?

Where in the World is UELAC?

“Where in the World is UELAC?” Where in the world are YOU?? With your help, we hope to find out! Take a travel photo of yourself - it would be great if you were wearing UELAC gear, but not mandatory - and we'll feature it online and in an upcoming issue of Loyalist Trails.

First, put yourself in the picture with UELAC Promotional gear. Then, provide a short description of your surroundings - something historical is great, again not obligatory - and send your photo and description to Doug Grant and we'll add you to our UELAC sightings gallery below.

In the meantime, browse our recent submissions below and see if you recognize the people, the places, or both. Click any photo for a larger resolution. Mouse and click the space between the square brackets to reveal the description.

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Hamilton: The Man, The Monument, The City (Everything But The Musical)

Where is David Ricketts, UE, of Hamilton Branch?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ George Hamilton (1788-1836) was born in Queenston Heights. A merchant, politician and War of 1812 veteran. George bought 257 acres of land in what is now downtown Hamilton from James Durand in January 1816. Hamilton and another land developer, Nathaniel Hughson, worked together on plans for a courthouse, jail, and house of assembly, and plotted a series of streets and lots. Later, the town developers lobbied government officials for civic status and eventually the community was incorporated as a police village in 1833 and became a city in 1846. The first Monday in August is traditionally Civic Holiday. In Hamilton, named after George, the city pays its annual homage with “George Hamilton Day.” David Ricketts UE is a third-great-grandson of Hamilton; however, his two proven loyalist ancestors are John Askin UEL and William Jarvis UEL. Read more: “The Guy Named George Who Started It All” in the Hamilton Spectator. ]

Daughter of the Counter-Revolution

Where is Nova Scotia Branch member Brian McConnell, UE?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ While exploring historic Camp Hill Cemetery in Halifax, Brian found the gravestone of Elizabeth Lichtenstein Johnston, born in Georgia, daughter of UE Loyalist John Lichtenstein and mother of NS Premier James William Johnston. With her husband William Johnston – a Captain in the New York Volunteers – she moved to New York; back to Georgia; to Charleston, South Carolina; then to St. Augustine, Florida; to Scotland, where her husband completed training as a medical doctor; to Jamaica, where Dr. Johnston took up his career; and lastly, to Nova Scotia, where other relatives – including her father – had fled after the American Revolution. She had 10 children and at the age of 72 wrote her autobiography which was published under the title Recollections of a Georgia Loyalist. (Watch a short video recorded at the Cemetery.) ]

Loyalist Greeting Car(d)

Where are Kawartha Branch members Dr. Richard Staples and Ken Spry, UE?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ Members of Kawartha Branch gathered to raise the Queen Anne Union flag during a ceremony on the morning of Friday, June 19, 2020, at Peterborough City Hall to mark United Empire Loyalist Day in Ontario. The car's adornments include not just with the Loyalist flag but also, in the centre of the windshield, Richard's recent Certificate of Appreciation for helping the branch. (Photo by Bill Russell.) ]

Historical Canon (“Have Gun, Will Travel”)

Where is King's Royal Yorkers re-enactor Max?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ The King's Royal Yorkers is a Living History group which recreates the first Loyalist regiment raised on Canadian soil. The American war of 1775 to 1783 saw the King's Royal Yorkers in active service with the Northern Department. Max is a third-generation re-enacting Yorker, participating alongside his mother, father and grandfather. Although they have not yet found a Loyalist ancestor, they are descended from the brother of Ephraim Putnam of the original Yorkers. ]

Closing The Distance

Where are Kawartha Branch members Grietje McBride, UE; Bob McBride, UE; Bill Russell, UE; and Bill Atkinson, UE?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ Following three months of physical/social distancing in Ontario due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some areas were given permission to "ease the rules." Members of Kawartha Branch UELAC quickly seized the opportunity. Branch members, some in period clothing, raised the Queen Anne Union flag during a ceremony on the morning of Friday, June 19, 2020, at Peterborough City Hall to mark United Empire Loyalist Day in Ontario. (Photo by Bill Russell.) ]

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