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Where in the World ... ?

Where in the World is UELAC?

“Where in the World is UELAC?” Where in the world are YOU?? With your help, we hope to find out! Take a travel photo of yourself - it would be great if you were wearing UELAC gear, but not mandatory - and we'll feature it online and in an upcoming issue of Loyalist Trails.

First, put yourself in the picture with UELAC Promotional gear. Then, provide a short description of your surroundings - something historical is great, again not obligatory - and send your photo and description to Doug Grant and we'll add you to our UELAC sightings gallery below.

In the meantime, browse our recent submissions below and see if you recognize the people, the places, or both. Click any photo for a larger resolution. Mouse and click the space between the square brackets to reveal the description.

The archive of older entries has more. For earlier entries, browse by year: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

Highlight the space below the photo to reveal the answer if you're stumped!

Anachronism Or Two

Where are Diane Reid, Andrew Fleming and Linda Young of Toronto Branch?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ Following the commemoration and Loyalist flag-raising on Loyalist Day 19 June at Queen's Park in Toronto, the attendees gathered indoors for a reception. Linda (right) represented the Loyalist era in her clothing and Diane (left) the centenary of the end of the Great War in her 1913 attire. Without having to change his duds, Andrew is modern day. ]

At The Regal Cockney Toupée Comedy

Where are Carol and Peter Davy, of Kingston and District Branch?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ At the UELAC Conference in Moose Jaw, SK, the opening reception was hosted by the Royal Canadian Air Force 15 Wing Moose Jaw at their base. As well as being the home of the Snow Birds, the base is a training facility. Carol and Peter were among those who took the opportunity to visit a hanger where a pilot explained details of each of the two planes on display. ]

Man Of Many Syllables

Where is David Kanowakeron Hill Morrison, UE, of Grand River Branch, with Carl Stymiest, UE, and Mary Anne Bethune, UE, both of Vancouver Branch?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ At the 2018 Saskatchewan UELAC Conference in Moose Jaw, SK, David Kanowakeron Hill Morrison was awarded the 2018 Dorchester Award. The UELAC Pacific Region, of which Vancouver Branch is a part, nominated David for this prestigious award for exemplary volunteer service to the Association. ]

Sign Language

Where is David Hill Morrison, a member of Grand River Branch and the Bridge Annex Branch?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ David is at the Gchi-Waaswaaganing rest stop on Highway 17 in Marathon, Ontario, on June 14, 2018. The name means “Big Torch Light” in Nishnaabemowin (the language of Anishnaabek). David is wearing the new Bridge Annex shirt — he is Vice President of the new virtual branch as well as a member of Grand River Branch. This rest stop is roughly 200 kilometers from where Terry Fox ended his Marathon of Hope (outside Thunder Bay). ]

Lord & Lady of Hosts

Where are Pat and Gerry Adair, of Saskatchewan Branch?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ Pat and Gerry Adair hosted the annual UELAC conference in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Here, on the way to the closing church service, they stand before the entrance to Crescent Park, a “jewel of the Prairies.” Encompassing 28 acres, more than six city blocks, the original plan dates to 1911. The Cenotaph, or Cross of Sacrifice, the World Wars memorial, was unveiled here in 1923. Further development of the park was a relief project, funded by the federal government, to provide work for people during the Depression. The project employed up to 200 men, working for 25 cents a day plus a meal ticket. ]

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