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Where in the World ... ?

Where in the World is UELAC?

“Where in the World is UELAC?” Where in the world are YOU?? With your help, we hope to find out! Take a travel photo of yourself - it would be great if you were wearing UELAC gear, but not mandatory - and we'll feature it online and in an upcoming issue of Loyalist Trails.

First, put yourself in the picture with UELAC Promotional gear. Then, provide a short description of your surroundings - something historical is great, again not obligatory - and send your photo and description to Doug Grant and we'll add you to our UELAC sightings gallery below.

In the meantime, browse our recent submissions below and see if you recognize the people, the places, or both. Click any photo for a larger resolution. Mouse and click the space between the square brackets to reveal the description.

The archive of older entries has more. For earlier entries, browse by year: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

Highlight the space below the photo to reveal the answer if you're stumped!

Not the Church of the Holy Fox

Where are Nova Scotia Branch members Jill Mattinson, Alma Hayward, Ruth Coker and Brian Coker?

Where in the World? Where in the World?

Answer:   [ Inside historic St. Paul's Church in Halifax where Loyalist Bishop Charles Inglis and other Loyalists were buried. The branch toured the church as part of a recent meeting. It is the oldest Protestant place of worship in Canada opened in 1749 by proclamation of King George II. The original frame of church was built in Boston and transported to Halifax for assembly. ]

A Banner Year

Where is Sir Guy Carleton Branch member Holly MacDonald?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ Sir Guy Carleton Branch often combines their meetings with a lunch. Holly, who joined recently, is working towards her Loyalist Certificate. Her mother, Ruth MacDonald of PEI, is a longtime member and a past president of Abegweit Branch. ]


Where is Gov. Simcoe Branch member Nancy Conn?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ On a recent opera tour to Moscow, Nancy's group stayed in the Metropole Hotel (seen in background at edge). They attended an opera in the recently restored Bolshoi Theatre (seen in background at centre). Both are situated only a couple of blocks from the Kremlin. In the Russian Cyrillic script, a "C" is pronounced like our "S". Although it is neither octagonal nor red, even we can read the STOP sign just behind her (the last letter, which is cut off, is like the Greek pi. ]

The Kings' New Feathers

Where is Col. Edward Jessup Branch member Barb Law?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ After the Antarctic, we finally get up and close with the penguins in the Falkland Islands – pictured are king penguins (we also saw emperor penguins). The white material on the ground is baby penguin feathers; the babies lose their feathers at this time of year. They are up on the grass as they are not yet ready to swim. ]

Forever Young

Where is Toronto Branch member Michael Young (at right, in uniform)?

Where in the World?

Answer:   [ Photo taken at Heintzman House in Markham, Ontario, in November 2017: Toronto Branch has a table at their annual Craft Sale. Mike is dressed in a reproduction of a British Indian Department uniform. Heintzman House is one of the oldest building in Thornhill-Markham. It features the earliest mudhouse in the province. In 1798 this property was awarded to Anthony Hollingshead, a United Empire Loyalist. In 1817, possibly upon the death of Anthony, the Hollingshead family sold the property to the Honourable George Crookshank of York (Toronto). George, the son of a Loyalist, transformed the farmhouse into a 13-room mansion. ]

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