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Charles Ross, Kawartha Branch: Restoration of the Garrison Cemetery

Project Overview | Update December 2006

Fall 2005 - Zenas Ross U.E. fought in the American Revolution and after the British lost was forced to migrate to Canada with his wife and five children. His second son, William Ross (who I'm descended from) also had five children. His youngest daughter, Catherine Ross, b- 1807, d-1879, married Caleb A. Garrison, b-1807, d-1876. They had a large farm in Tyendinaga Twp. and property was donated to the Methodist Church for a church and cemetery.

The location of the Cemetery is Lot 3, Concession 3, North Side, Northeast Corner, Tyendinaga Twp., Hastings County. Both Caleb and Catherine are buried there and all of the other approx. 85 to 100 persons are either Ross' or married into the clan. I have a copy of the original cemetery blueprint which is on linen showing most of the plots at that time and is named Garrison Cemetery.

This past summer, working with the caretaker, a couple of cousins and my son we cleared a lot of brush out and discovered an additional 6 gravestones which were never listed.

This cemetery is in disrepair and we are working along with the Provincial Government and the local MPP to obtain a grant under the Heritage Act, Bill-60 to repair the broken grave stones and to have a sign with cut steel letters constructed and put into place that will last throughout time. I am also doing a new computer generated blue print of the cemetery and the proper locations of the graves to match up with the names there-in.

[submitted by Charles Geo.Ross UE, Kawartha Branch]

December 2006 - On October 30th. 2006, I corresponded with the Reeve and Council Members of Tyendinaga Township, Hastings County, in regards to having a cemetery at Lot 3, Concession 3, North Side, Northeast Corner of above mentioned township, just west of Blessington name changed. This cemetery for years has been officially named "Abandoned Cemetery" Registration No. 01494, License No. 3277542, owner Tyendinaga Township. The original name on the linen blueprint was Garrison Cemetery.

I have now received correspondence from the above Township that the Cemetery has been renamed and registered with the Ministry of Government Services as "Garrison Pioneer Cemetery". This property was obtained from the Crown and owned by Caleb Archibald Garrison who married my 4th great aunt, Catherine Ross, daughter of William Ross and granddaughter of Zenas Ross, U.E., King's Rangers, 84th Reg. KRRNY. Caleb Garrison donated this section of property to the Methodist Church and Cemetery. A large number of the 102 persons buried there are Loyalist descendents of Zenas Ross. I have received pledges for donations from as far away as Michigan U.S.A. for the restoration of the grave stones, a metal signage and a new gate at the entrance. This was taken on as one of the Kawartha Branch Projects.

submitted by Charles(Chuck)G.J. Ross, U.E. - Kawartha Br. Secretary & Publicist