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Little Forks Branch: Ascot Corner Pioneer Cemetery Restoration

Ascot Cemetery 'Stacey' marker

Stacey marker at the cemetery
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The Ascot Corner Pioneer Cemetery is located in Ascot Corner, 8kms. east of the City of Sherbrooke, turning left on Avenue de Pins (Pine) off of Rte.112. It is a small cemetery which began around the 1870’s, but holds the remains of many along with some of the grave markers which were interred in the first Protestant Cemetery in Ascot Corner. The Municipality forced the removal of the bodies from the first burial ground in 1956 for the expansion of the new highway and the erection of a new Town Hall. This Cemetery was located northerly across the river and within sight of the present one. These remains were placed in two straight rows at the back of the Cemetery along with only the grave markers that were in tact.

Members of Little Forks Branch along with the assistance of members of the Megantic-Compton Cemetery and Church Association undertook the task of clearing brush, repairing the fence, repairing the broken tombstones and cleaning all the stones - a task that had never taken place before. The freshly groomed look gave encouragement for many to share their perennial flowers. Many flower beds have been made which should be very attractive this summer. We were fortunate to have had the assistance of Dwane Wilkins, Executive Director of the Quebec Anglo-Heritage Network (QAHN).

Milt. Loomis’ personal initiative was to build a monument, not only to encompass his Gr.Gr. Grandparents two tombstones, which had been moved from the 1st. Cemetery and which had fallen in disrepair, but to also include a memorial plaque listing all the known names that too, had been interred in the 1st. Cemetery. These two tombstones, dating 1850 & 1862 respectively, once marked the last resting places of George & Eliza Stacey, pioneers who immigrated to the area from England in the 1830’s. Also included on the monument are black granite plaques etched with a picture of the Holy Comforter Anglican Church (1876-1948) and the Stacey family Grist & Saw Mill at their Drighlington property in Ascot Corner along with a brief story of the family. Another plaque gives the family descendants with their spouses.

This great endeavour was carried on the CTV News which went across Canada and beyond. We have since been given the 1 hr. 37 mins, DVD filmed covering our many tasks.

List of known Family names of those interred:

Andrews, Bell, Bishop, Byrne, Chester, Crocker, Cummings, Desilet, Desilets, Dubé, Embury, Filiau, Goddard, Grexton, Grixton, Hall, Heath, Horton, Johnson, Jones, Kees, Laberee, Lake, Lebourveau, Lock, Locke, Lothrop, Loomis, Martel, Maye, McGuire, Morehouse, North, Pageau, Petty, Pridden, Pilbro, Randall, Rogers, Rolf, Rolfe, Ryther, Segree, Shaughnessy, Stacey, Turner, Ward, Warner, Weir, Willard, Wingeat, Winslow, Woodrow.

Plaque showing inscriptions recorded by James E. Winslow in 1953

Plaque showing inscriptions recorded by James E. Winslow in 1953
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Ascot Corner Pioneer Cemetery