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Private Jacob Teague

Jacob was born circa 1743 at German Flatts, Mohawk Valley, New York. There he owned a 200 acre farm which was seized by the rebels when he refused to sign a pledge to support the rebellion. He also farmed at Lake Otsego, New York on land he purchased from Colonel Croghan.

After fleeing north to Quebec with his family, he joined the Indian Department, 1 April 1777. Jacob was in the St. Leger Expedition to relieve General Burgoyne at Saratoga and upon the formation of Butler’s Rangers, he enlisted and served in Walter Butler’s Company from the 25th of December 1777 to at least the 24th of October 1778.

He enlisted in The Kings Royal Regiment of New York in September of 1780 and served in the 2nd Battalion in Captain Redford Crawford’s Company.

Jacob and his family were in Machiche refugee camp in 1782. He was on King’s Service at the tar works at Mal Baie until 1784. By 1785, he was homesteading in New Carlisle, Baie des Chaleurs, Gaspé, Quebec (later Lower Canada), with his wife Anna Margretha Weber and their seven children.

After Margretha’s death he moved to Bathurst, Gloucester County, New Brunswick and remarried Charlotte Thebault and had another eight children. He died in 1824 at New Bandon, New Brunswick.


David B. Clark UE
30 November 2011