Members' Research

  • Harold F. Morgan UE
    • Adam Young UE
    • Daniel Young UE
    • Hendrich (Henry) Windecker UE
    • Christian Riselay UE
    • Hannah Schauer UE
    • Rulof Vandecar UE
    • Jacob Smith Sr. UE
  • Maralynn Wilkinson UE
    • Frederick Keller UE
    • Christian Keller UE
    • Thomas Wagar UE
    • Everhart Wagar UE
    • Levi Warner UE
    • Johannes George Schryver UE
    • Yerrigh William (Van) Koughnet UE
    • Jacob Huffman UE
    • James Bradshaw UE


Any name listed on this page should not be construed to indicate that it represents an actual proven United Empire Loyalist.

This list only indicates names that are part of ongoing research by Victoria Branch members for potential U.E.L. ancestors. The list is provided only to facilitate contact between researchers of similar family descent lines and to facilitate the potential for sharing information.

The United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, (“the U.E.L.A.C.”), the Victoria Branch of the U.E.L.A.C. and members of the Victoria Branch of the U.E.L.A.C., do not accept any liability what-so-ever, for the use of this information, these names or any costs of any kind, associated with researching these names. No warranty as to the correctness or validity of information shared is given or implied.

This research tool is provided on this basis and this basis alone. Use of this tool is voluntary and binds the researcher to the above conditions.