Articles written by Branch Members

A Brief History of the UEL Association

In 1884 there were celebrations in Adolphustown, Toronto and Niagara marked the first Centennial of the coming of the Loyalists. The Lieutenant Governor, mayors and all important people of the area made eloquent speeches. They were all Loyalist descendants, now prosperous and well-to-do. At Niagara in particular, there were Mohawks at the celebrations whose ancestors had fought beside the Loyalists.

In 1914, the UEL Association of Canada was chartered, with Branches, mostly in Ontario. There are now over 30 Branches, situated in every province from PEI to Victoria in British Columbia. Headquarters is in Toronto.

The purposes of the Association are to keep alive the memory of the Loyalists and to perpetuate their spirit of loyalty.

The chief requirement for membership in the Association is to trace your lineage to a recognized Loyalist, with acceptable proofs. This is done on a special Application Form. Each Branch has a Genealogist who will give any assistance required. When approved, the applicant receives a handsome Certificate (suitable for framing) joins the Branch and hopefully attends its meetings and joins its activities. Headquarters publishes a very fine Gazette twice a year, which is included in Branch fees.

by Gene Aitkens UE