Articles written by Branch Members

Christian Riselay UE

Christian Riselay was born in 1755 in Dutchess County, Rhinebeck Flats, New York.

He was a Corporal in the Butler's Rangers.

Christian Riselay and his wife Catherine Sipes settled in Bertie (Ft. Erie) with grants entitled to both of them as Loyalists.

Christian was taken as a civilian prisoner during the 1812 War. He was taken to the State of New York and billeted with the Rev. Mr. Fillmore, uncle of the President of the United States, and compelled to pay for his board. His buildings and house were burned down by the Americans during the war.

Both Christian and Catherine are supposed to be buried in St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery. I have seen Christian's stone but there is no church record of Catherine being buried there. There is, however, a record of what was written on Catherine's plot.

Christian's stone is the only one that I have seen of my Loyalist ancestors.

by Harold F. Morgan UE

Hannah (Annatje) Schauer UE (Jacob Sipes)

Hannah, mother of Catherine Sipes, was born in 1737 in Teebosch, Athens, New York.

Hannah "in the year 1778 she joined the Royal Standard by coming into Niagara with nine children. That being the widow of a soldier she was anxious that her children should serve His Majesty as their Father had done in the French War -- That three sons consequently served in the Butler's Rangers, that six of her daughters are now in this settlement and married."

by Harold F. Morgan UE