UELAC Membership

About Victoria Branch Membership

After the American Revolution, more than 80,000 United Empire Loyalists remaining loyal to King George III, left America beginning in 1783.  Do you have Loyalist ancestry?  Would you like to learn more about this period of history?

The Victoria Branch of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada invites you to consider joining.  Your membership includes a fall and spring issue of The Loyalist Gazette, minutes from our four regular meetings each year, and our branch newsletter.  Additionally, a weekly newsletter entitled Loyalist Trails is emailed to you to keep you up to date about Association news.

An Associate Membership is available while you are documenting your Loyalist ancestry, with the assistance of the Branch genealogist.  Regular Members have documented their Loyalist lineage to make many complete stories about the Loyalists.

Membership dues are listed on the membership application form here. Please print it and submit after completing. For additional information, please contact our branch genealogist.

For more general membership information, consult the Membership page of the Dominion UELAC web site.