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We Give Back

Members of our branch are proud to support (individually and collectively) the following:

1. 1994: Phillip E.M. Leith (Initial Investment held in trust: $250,000.00)
UELAC Honoured Benefactor, Sqd. Ldr. Phillip Edward Meric Leith, created the UELAC Trust to ensure the future of the Dominion association. It is used for benefit of all branches and is administered by Head Office.

2. 2006: "Let Loose Our Library" (Amount: $1,000.00)
A project to grow the UELAC Dominion (Head Office) library.

3. 2007: Windows for St. Paul's (Amount: $400.00)
To restore a window at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, part of the Black Loyalist Heritage Society, Birchtown, NS.

4. 2009: Four Directions Youth Project (Amount: $809.00)
This is a curriculum-based educational experience of primary cultural and heritage importance to the Six Nations of the Grand River community.

5. 2010: Agur Lake Camp Society (Amount: $100.00*)
This facility offers programs for children with disabilities and people with special needs. In lieu of speaker fees for Mike Roberts at our annual conference.
* from the four Pacific Branches

6. 2010: Vancouver Branch Library (Amount: $2,300.00*)
An effort is underway to secure a complete set of the “Haldimand Papers” which reside on 115 microfilm reels. They will be mined for muster roll information so that all our Loyalists can be identified and documented in the Loyalist Directory after which they will be made available to the public. One third of the collection has been secured, of which $1,000 was a major grant from Dominion. This collection is now housed at the British Columbia Genealogical Society's Draycott Library as part of the Vancouver Branch's Loyalist Collection.
* of which $1,000 was a major grant from Dominion

7. 2010: Jonathan Snyder Memorial Scholarship Fund (Amount: $100.00)
Towards an annual scholarship of $1200.00 given to a qualifying Penticton (BC) Secondary Student.

8. 2011: "Movember" (Amount: $100.00)
In support of UELAC President, Fred Hayward’s “call to arms” in the fight against Prostrate Cancer.

9. 2011: "Beyond the Mountains 2010" (Amount: $991.00)
100% of the Vancouver Branch proceeds from the 2010 annual are reserved to secure the next part of this microfilm collection.

10. 2014-2015: Sir John Johnson Burial Vault
Located in CIME-Haut-Richelieu on the site of the original vault established post 1812, the Burial Vault of the Sir John Johnson Family has been restored. The re-consecration of the crypt took place on August 23, 2015 in the presence of members of UELAC, Société d' histoire du Haut-Richelieu, CIME, the Masonic Grand Lodge of Quebec, 78th Fraser Highlanders, King's Royal Yorkers, and the 84th Royal Highland Emigrants.

11. 2016-forward: UELAC Scholarship Endowment Fund
The UELAC mandate includes the understanding of the role and impact of the Loyalists on the development of Canada. Providing Loyalist education resource materials and encouraging research through scholarship support is integral to our mission to preserve, promote and celebrate the history and traditions of the United Empire Loyalists. The Vancouver Branch has committed 80% of the coffee donations from our meetings to be sent to the Endowment Fund each year when the challenge is issued.

Our branch operates on $15 of the $55 membership dues collected for Dominion Office and depends yearly on the number of branch members helping us to meet expenses such as rented meeting space. The Branch is also grateful for Dominion Grants awarded for projects and special events as well as the kind generosity of member donations allowing the Branch to make special purchases.