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We Got Fun!

United Empire Loyalists, Vancouver branch members, participate in many activities and events that celebrate the rich cultural history of British Columbia and Canada, with the aim of highlighting the unique role played by it’s Loyalist heritage.

Here's just a sampling of the fun we have planned:

Each year on Remembrance Day, UEL members participate in formal ceremonies to honour the sacrifices made by all those who served to create, defend and maintain the peace in this great nation, Canada.

February: Black History Month

The Vancouver Branch UELAC celebrates and honours black Canadians and their contribution to our Canadian history and heritage. In 1783-1784, many freed black loyalist came to what is now Nova Scotia (Birchtown) in support of the British Crown.

Many blacks also came through the Underground Railroad in Canada from 1840-1860.

(Photo modified from Daniel G. Hill, The Freedom-Seekers: Blacks in Early Canada, Agincourt, Ontario, Book Society of Canada, 1981, p.29).

February 15: Canadian Heritage and Flag Day

On Canadian Heritage and Flag Day, UEL members dress up in period costume and join in the festivities at any of a number of local events celebrating Canadian history and the Maple Leaf flag.

March: St Patrick's Day Parade

The annual Vancouver Celtic Festival features one of the largest parades in British Columbia (last year saw 108 groups) and an opportunity to meet history buffs of all kinds, including those with interests in and connections to Loyalists heritage.

See parade route, festival events, the Dominion site's page about Vancouver Branch's participation in the 2009 St. Patrick's Day parade.

April & May: B.C. Heritage School Fairs – Local, Regional, Provincial

Display by 2011 B.C. Heritage Award winner Angelica Angeles (Gr.7)

BC Heritage Fair Society - Vancouver Branch UELAC Award

Awarded to a student in recognition of outstanding achievement in highlighting the history of the settlement and growth of Canada prior to Confederation (1867) in particular, the United Empire Loyalists or their descendants and their contribution to the development of Canada.

Currently, we award winners in 14 school districts who participate in the B.C. Heritage Fairs: VCR UELAC Award (PDF).

May: Historica Fairs

Taking history out of the classroom and bringing it to life for young students is the goal of the many Historica fairs across Canada. UE members participate as mentors, adjudicators, teachers and just plain olde history buffs.

May: Hyack Festival, New Westminster, BC

The annual Hyack Festival is a showcase of food, crafts and dancing at the River Market (formerly, the New Westminster Quay). You will find us by the statue of Simon Fraser, UE. (See hellobc.com for more details.)

June: UELAC Dominon Conference: "Beyond the Mountains 2010"

The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada annual general meeting brings together people from all across the country. The Pacific region (Thompson-Okanagan, Chilliwack, Victoria and Vancouver branches) proudly hosted and sponsored our 96th get-together in the beautiful Okanagan city of Vernon.

June: BC Highland Games & Scottish Festival

Bagpipes, dancing, Gaelic sports, Celtic vendors, food and lots of fun attract huge crowds to this annual celebration of everything from the British Isles that takes place in Coquitlam's spectacular Percy Perry Stadium. Join us for the Highland Games!

July 22: B.C. Loyalist Day

B.C. Loyalist Day proclaimed by Lt. Gov. Stephen Point

The four Pacific Regional Branches of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada will be celebrating BC Loyalist Day, on the closest Sunday to the 22nd July. Sunday 22 July was proclaimed as BC Loyalist Day in 2012 by the Hon. Lt. Gov. Stephen Point.

Come join us and enjoy our historical program. Bring a picnic lunch, observe the unfurling of the Loyalist Flag and Presentation of Colours. Learn some exciting heritage and informative Canadian history. The four UELAC branches are Vancouver, Chilliwack, Thompson-Okanagan and Victoria.

Come and hear the proclamation! Presented to the four UELAC branches who Honour their Early Canadian Loyalist ancestors, Loyalist Day is a day to celebrate. Many British Columbians are direct descendants of the first loyalists who arrived in what is now eastern Canada in 1783 after the American Revolution.

“Because they were Loyalists, we are Canadians” – Prof. W.S.MacNutt, University of New Brunswick

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The Proclamation

Celebrations at our first Loyalist Day

“Alex MacKenzie from Canada by land,
22nd July 1793.”

August: "Fur Brigade Days & Fort Festival of the Arts"

Fort Langley national historic site, built by the Hudson's Bay Co. in 1827 is the colonial birthplace of B.C.

September: B.C. Heritage Fair – Vancouver Branch Loyalist Award

The UELAC Vancouver Branch Loyalist Award is presented to a student “in recognition of outstanding achievement in highlighting the history of the settlement and growth of Canada prior to Confederation (1867), in particular the United Empire Loyalists or their descendants and their contribution to the development of Canada.”

See the list of 2015 award winners; read the text of the address delivered by Carl Stymiest at the presentation of the Vancouver Branch awards.

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October: "Finding Your Roots"

The Tri-Stake Family History seminar, sponsored by the Church of Latter-Day Saints, brings together genealogists, historians and other experts who share their knowledge to help unlock the mysteries of your own family history.
Surrey Stake Centre, 6270 126th Street, Surrey, British Columbia

Nov. 11: Remembrance Day