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United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada

The Dominion website maintains many folders of information regarding the organization, its varied projects and access to the developing Directory of Loyalists. Further resources can be found in the Education section, and on the References and Links page.

The Loyalists

This is the Quebec English Schools Network website for the project developed by the History and Geography Task Force (HGTF) in partnership with the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada (UELAC)

Brome County Museum (Brome County Historical Society)

The Brome County Historical Society, which manages the Museum in Knowlton Quebec, as well as a number of historic monuments, works to preserve and interpret the history of Brome County and surrounding areas. A membership-based organization, B.C.H.S. is the oldest historical society in the Eastern Townships.

Missisquoi Museum

The Missisquoi Museum, located in Stanbridge East, Quebec at the western end of the Eastern Townships, is owned and operated by the Missisquoi Historical Society.

Township Heritage Web Magazine

With a focus on the heritage of Quebec’s Eastern Townships, this internet magazine is produced by Editor Matthew Farfan.

Quebec Historical Corps

The Quebec Historical Corps is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of 18th century military and civilian life in North America. The website features detailed information on four military reenactment groups, one of which is Captain Henry Ruiter’s Third Company of King’s Rangers, recreating a Loyalist unit which operated in New York and other New England colonies during the American Revolutionary War.

La société d’histoire du Haut-Richelieu

This website of la société d’histoire du Haut-Richelieu presents some pages in English. Explore the index.

The Kings Royal Yorkers 1776-1784

The recreated King's Royal Yorkers is committed to bringing alive Canada's unique role during the American war of 1775-1783. Explore their site to learn more about the group and their historical mission.