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"The First Forty Years," (the history of the SSJC Branch) by Michel Racicot, SJJBC genealogist.
    In book form for $15.00 plus S&H
    In CD form for $15.00 plus S&H
    (The CD includes the content of the book plus a pictorial power-point presentation.)
    Book and CD: $25.00 plus S&H
The folder of the UELAC Promotion Committee features a catalogue of merchandise that can be used as gifts or as personal display of pride in the Loyalist heritage.

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Honourary PresidentSir Guy Johnson (Winchester England)
Past President Gerald Thomas
President Michel Racicot
1st Vice President Vacant
2nd Vice President Marven Beattie
Secretary Evelyn Beban Lewis
Treasurer Louise Hall
Genealogist Michel Racicot
Membership Adelaide Lanktree
Publicity Evelyn Beban Lewis
Bi-Centennial Book Account Rod Riordon
Vault Commitee Charles Harbec, Adelaide Lanktree, Raymond Ostiguy, Gerald Thomas, Michel Racicot, Roderick Riordon
Newsletter Michel Racicot
Flag Bearer Wesley Larocque
Various tasks Edina Bougie
Archivist Michel Racicot
Heritage Branch (Montreal) Robert Wilkins, UE, President
Little Forks Branch Bev Loomis, UE, President
Sir John Johnson Branch webmaster Out of Control