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Monuments And Commemoratives

  • Erection of a marble marker at Philipsburg cemetery, honouring Lieut. Christian Wehr. Pilgrimages were made to local cemeteries, where small flags, with the letters "U.E.L.", on them were placed on the graves of Loyalist ancestors. 1976
  • Dedication of the Caldwell Manor plaque, mounted on a boulder embedded in a raised cement base in MacCallum Park across from St. Thomas Anglican Church in Noyan, Quebec. 1971
  • Dedication of a plaque at St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Chambly, to commemorate it as Sir John Johnson's Church, as well as the "Johnson Bell", he donated to the Church-14 November 1971

Related Memorials

Throughout the Eastern Townships, United Empire Loyalist heritage has been commemorated by other organizations and individuals. Here are a few:

  • Abercorn Pioneers Memorial: A plaque entitled "A Tribute to the Pioneers of Abercorn" is embedded in a huge field stone in Pioneers' Park, Abercorn, Quebec south of Sutton.
  • Steel-Griggs Cemetery – Noyan

The 20 August 1980 issue of the Sherbrooke Record details the rededication of the old Steel-Griggs Cemetery on the farm of Bruce MacCallum, originally lot #1 of the First Concession of Caldwell’s Manor on what is now the River Road of Noyan. The lot had been settled initially by Commodore John Steel and his wife, Nancy Griggs, daughter of Abraham and Sarah Griggs, “worthy Loyalists”, all of whom are buried in the family plot. However, the farm had been in the MacCallum family since it was purchased by John Dewar MacCallum in 1850. Prior to the ceremony, eleven salvaged gravestones were fitted into a concrete base by Donald MacCallum and his son, Bruce. Donald MacCallum was a four-time president of Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch.


  • Publishing of The Loyalists of the Eastern Townships of Quebec, 1984

“Aware that in order to fully appreciate the present, one must have an understanding of the past, The Committee hopes that this Bicentennial tribute to our Loyalist forefathers will provide much interest and useful information for our readers”….The Bicentennial Book Committee, Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch UELAC 1984

The Brome County Historical Society Museum have copies available for $27.00 at Box 609, 130 Lakeside, Knowlton, Quebec, J0E 1V0

  • Schools and Community

To quote Myrna Fox UE, President UELAC 2002-2004, we encourage students in our local schools “to have an increased awareness of the Loyalist contributions to Canada and preserve, defend, and promote Loyalist heritage within Canadian Society, by developing and participating in projects and activities which honour and celebrate the memory of the United Empire Loyalists.”

We are fortunate that Brome County Historical Society in Knowlton, Quebec has an abundance of historical information as does Missisquoi County Historical Society in Stanbridge East and each has a most interesting museum. Pupils have also visited an Loyalist log cabin in Philipsburgh.

Each year one local school receives our special attention. We work with the class teacher to provide assistance and to provide books, and other materials to whet the appetite of the elementary school students. They choose which museum they wish to visit and we defray the cost of transportation. They learn about the settlement of the Eastern Townships, the hardships that the Loyalists experienced in the vast unsettled wilderness and study the lives and impact of local Loyalists on the area.

Through the use of scrapbooks, drawings, essays, oral presentations and a Power Point presentation are some of the ways that students have recorded their findings. Sometimes a person from the community will address a special aspect of Loyalist history.

-- Louise Hall, Education Convener, Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch UELAC