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BC's Heritage Fairs Society

BC's Heritage Fairs Society

The British Columbia Heritage Fairs Program developed out of an initiative of the Historica Foundation to promote the study of history and heritage within Canada. Students from grades four to nine (although in BC students from grade ten have been invited to participate) have been encouraged for years to examine one's own family connections and stories, as well as to look at historical figures and events that have contributed much to the development of Canada. Students are given an opportunity to showcase their research projects in a public setting where they can present their findings to a larger audience.

The Vancouver Branch UELAC Award

The Vancouver Branch of the UELAC is a proud participant and supporter of the BC Heritage Fairs Program. As such, we have created an award to be presented to a project at each Regional Heritage Fair beginning 2010:

In recognition of outstanding achievement in highlighting the history of the settlement and growth of Canada prior to Confederation (1867) in particular, the United Empire Loyalists or their descendants and their contribution to the development of Canada.

Additional information:
- The Vancouver Branch UELAC Award (PDF)
- UELAC Award Recipient/Consent Form (PDF)

BC Heritage Fairs: Photos

Grade 7

“Hogan's Alley”
(Black Loyalists settled here – Vancouver, early 1800s)

Grade 5

Black Loyalist History Project

Awards Ceremony

Students and parents attend the awards ceremony

Winning History Projects