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Membership Badge

For assistance with membership please contact Membership Chair, Marian Munroe , by email using the address

Your membership includes:

The UELAC publishes Loyalist Trails, a weekly email newsletter for Members and friends containing a variety of information items from the Branches, the Association, various Committees and others with common interests. Anyone interested in receiving Loyalist Trails can subscribe for free.

Branch Activities

Most of the work in the Nova Scotia Branch focuses on learning and disseminating information about the Loyalist era of Canadian history.

We also help people who wish to receive a UE Certificate or Loyalist Descent Certificate that says they have provided documentation of their lineage to a Loyalist ancestor. This is usually the biggest reason people join a branch.

For assistance please contact Branch Genealogist, Carol Harding , by email using the address

One of the best ways a branch member can make a lasting contribution is by helping to identify all the Loyalists. We encourage everyone to share what they know about our ancestors by contributing to the Loyalist Directory and help populate the Online Loyalist Resources section of the Dominion website so we can properly document and share this part of Canadian history with everyone. It is just another way of giving back to our communities. We also work hard at having fun.

Membership fees

Membership Applications

A Membership application form is available in PDF format at Application for Membership

Some people choose to join one or more additional branches in the geographical area where a Loyalist ancestor settled originally. This membership is called an "Additional Branch Membership" and is normally offered at a reduced rate as this additional branch does not submit fees to Dominion Office for such members. Such Additional Branch Members would otherwise enjoy the same branch benefits as other members, subject to type of membership as noted above. You need to apply directly to the specific branch you also wish to join for their fee rate.

For further information, please visit our Dominion website's membership page .


A Facebook page with photos and more information can be found at Nova Scotia Branch United Empire Loyalists' Association