Kawartha Branch Genealogy

A Genealogist is available at the Kawartha Branch to lend support to any quest to prove lineage to a United Empire Loyalist. Many books and records are available to assist the novice. In addition, lineage previously proven by members can sometimes be useful. Additional information about some of these ancestors is available in the UELAC Loyalist Directory.

The following proven ancestral lines are on file at the branch:

Ackerman, James, New Jersey Volunteers
Alguire, Johannes, Order in Council, 15 December 1834
Amey, Nicholas, Ernestown Twp.
Annable, Sergeant John, settled in Eastern District
Ansley (Annsley), Amos, born 1757, Johnstown, New York
Ansley, Mary, Loyalist
Atwater, William Junior, Loyalist
Atwater, William Ward, Loyalist
Ball, Jacob, Butler's Rangers
Bartley, Eskyas, Loyalist
Baxter, Captain Simon, Loyalist
Beebe, Joshua, proven on UEL List
Bell, William Sr., Rogers Rangers Fredericksburg
Benson, Matthew, resettled in Aldolphustown
Bessey, Jacob, Butler's Rangers, Capt. Bernard Frey's Co. of Rangers
Bice, John, Loyalist
Bleecker, John Sidney Twp.
Booth, John, Elizabethtown Twp.
Breakenridge, David, King’s Royal Rangers
Brunson, Sergeant Daniel, Prince of Wales American Regiment
Buchner, Henry, Loyalist
Burley, Freeman, Loyal Rangers, Ernestown
Butler, Col. John, Loyalist
Cameron, John, Loyalist
Carr, Daniel, Ernestown Twp.
Casselman, Thomas, Williamsburg, ON
Caswell, Lemuel, Resettled in the Eastern District
Caswell, Stephen, Loyalist
Conklin, “Old” John, Loyalist
Dachstaeder Jr., Hendrick, Indian Corps
Dafoe, Abraham, Roger's Rangers.
Dafoe, Capt. John, Rogers' Rangers KRRNY
Dafoe, John Jr., Rogers Rangers, Fredericksburgh
Dafoe, Michael Senior, Loyalist
DeCou III, Jacob, New Jersey Volunteers
Denike, Andrew, VanAlstine's Associate Loyalists
Diamond, Jacob, Resettled in Fredericksburg Twp., Lennox & Addington Co.
Dittrick, Jacob Frederick, Loyalist
Dochstader, Frederick, Butler's Rangers
Durham, James, Loyalist
Dusenbury, John, Ernestown Twp.
Fairfield, William, Ernestown Twp.
Finkle (Fingle), Johann George, Loyalist on UE List
Fox, Frederick, Kings Royal Regiment of New York
Fraser (Frazier) Daniel Sr., Loyal Rangers
Frey, Bernard, Butler's Rangers, Niagara
Fulton, Captain James, Resettled in Home District
Galloway, Lieutenant George, Associate Loyalists
Gerow, Captain Isaac, Loyalist
Gilker, George, Loyalist
Girty, Simon, British Indian Dept., Detroit
Goheen, Thomas, Hamilton Twp.
Graham Robert Sr., Capt. Michael Grass' Assoc.
Grass, Captain Michael, A first lieutenant in the New York City Militia Company No. 2 as early as 1780. – The Associated Loyalists
Green, John, Resettled in Marysburgh
Gunter, Conrad, Loyalist
Hagerman, John, Loyal Rangers, Ernestown Twp.
Haggart, John, Loyalist
Haines, Joseph, Kings Royal Regiment of New York
Hart, Josiah, Associated Loyalist (Connecticut), Resettled in Nova Scotia
Hartman, Philip, Loyal Rangers, Ernestown Twp.
Hawley, Jeptha Sr., Loyal Rangers, Ernestown Twp.
Hawley, Jeptha, Loyal Rangers
Hicks, Benjamin, Butler's Rangers
Hicks, Edward Loyalist
Hogle, Captain John, Loyalist
Hogle, Elizabeth (Lake), of Ernesttown, Widow, See Petition of her Son; Sebastian Hogle; Order in Council, 12 February 1811
Hogle, Sebastian, Loyalist
Holcomb, John Junior, Loyalist
Hoover, Casper, Loyalist
Hough, John, King's Rangers, Fredericksburg
Howell, John, Loyalist
Hubbell, Nehemia, Prince of Wales Reg.
Hughson, Nathaniel, (SIL of Robert Land UE)
Humphries, James, Jessup's Rangers (1775-1781) and King's Loyal Rangers (1781-1784)
Ingraham, Hezekiah, Loyalist
Irish, Peter, Loyal Rangers
Keller, Frederick, King's Rangers, Resettled in Fredericksburgh
Kennedy, William, Prince of Wales A.R.
Kimmerly, Andrew, Loyalist
Kratz, (Scratch), Leonard, Butler's Rangers
Lake, Christopher, Loyal Rangers, Ernestown Twp.
Lake, James Sr., Loyal Rangers, Ernestown Twp.
Lake, John Jr., Loyal Rangers, Ernestown Twp.
Lake, John Sr., Loyal Rangers, Ernestown Twp.
Lake, Nicholas, Loyal Rangers, Ernestown, Sidney
Lake, Thomas, Jessup's Loyal Rangers, Wolford
Land, Robert Sr., Indian Dept., Niagara
Lindsay, James, Loyalist
Lockwood, Joseph, Loyalist
Lott, John (Johannes) Senior, Loyalist
Loyst, Henry, Loyalist
Marsh, Col William, Loyalist
Maybee, Capt. Abraham, VanAlstine's Assoc.
McDonell, Randy, KRRNY, 1st Batt'n
McGinnes(s) (McGinnis McGinn, Magin), Sarah Kast, Loyalist, born before 1716, possibly at New Stuttgardt, NY.
McMartin, John, Loyalist, Resettled in Eastern District
McMasters, James Sr. Loyalist
McNairn, John, Loyalist
McPherson, Peter, Loyal Rangers, Ernestown Twp.
McTaggart, James, Loyal Rangers, Ernestown Twp.
Meyers, Capt. John , Jessup's Rangers
Morden, Joseph, Loyalist
Munger, John Charles, Butler's Rangers, Niagara
Nicholson, Alexander, Loyalist, Resettled in Fredericksburgh
Ovens, George, Loyalist
Overholt, Abraham Isaac, Loyalist
Parke, Sgt. Cyrenius, Rogers Rangers, KRRNY
Peck, James, Guides & Pioneers N.Y.
Perrigo (Perrigon), James, Loyalist, UE List
Perry, Sgt. Robert, Loyalist
Peterson, Abraham, Loyalist
Prichard, William, Loyalist
Pringle (Prindle), Timothy, KRRNY
Purcell, Edmund, Loyalist
Purdy, Gabriel, Guides and Pioneers
Reed, Srg. William, Loyalist
Rogers, Col. James, Rogers' Rangers
Rogers, Richard, DeLancey's 2nd Brigade
Rogers, William, Loyal Rangers
Ross, Donald, Royal North Carolina Regiment
Ross, Jacob, KRRNY, 1st Batt'n, Osnabruck
Ross, Zenas (84th Reg. KRRNY), Rogers Rangers
Ruiter, Lt. John, Cowansville, Que.
Ruttan (Rutton), William Senior, Loyalist
Sharp, Gijsbert (Gilbert), Fredericksburg Twp.
Shewman, William, KRRNY
Sills, Conrad, Butler's Rangers, Niagara
Silmeser, Nicholas, 2nd Batt'n. KRRNY
Skinner, Haggai, Loyalist
Slaught, James, Loyalist
Smith, Elias, Loyalist
Smith, Jacob George, Loyalist
Soper, Michael, Loyalist
Steel, Mathew, Loyalist, Resettled in Midland District; Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh
Stoneburg, Peter Sr. Loyalist
Stoneburg, Peter, Loyalist
Terrill, Anthony, DeLancey's NY Volunteers
Van Every, McGregory, Butler's Rangers, Niagara
VanAstine, James, Associate Loyalist
VanSickle, Isaac, Loyal Rangers
Vent, Adam, Loyal Rangers
Wager, Eberhard, Pvt. 2nd Bat'n KRRNY
Wartman, Abraham, Butler's Rangers, Niagara
Wartman, Peter, Loyalist
Wees, David Sr., Loyal Rangers, Ernestown & Camden East
Wees, John, Jr. Loyal Rangers, Ernestown & Murry
Wees, John, Sr. Loyal Rangers, Ernestown Twp.
Williams, John Sr., Loyal Rangers, Ernestown Twp.
Wright, Samuel, Loyalist
Wright, Simeon, Fredericksburg Twp., ON
Young, Adam, Butler's Rangers
Young, Henry, Butler's Rangers, Grand River