The Kawartha Branch Loyalist Grace

Dear Lord, we thank You for all the blessings that we have received from Your bountiful hand. As we pause here to reflect on Your goodness, we think back to our forefathers and mothers who were loyal to their sovereign and to the principles of law, order and good government that he represented. Because of their loyalty to these ideals they were forced to leave their homes, lands and possessions and come to this land, suffering a great many hardships and privations.

In this new land with a great deal of hard labour and determination, they built for themselves new homes and carved out farms from the primeval forests. They continued to adhere to their principles of loyalty and good government and passed these loyal attitudes down to their children. Because of their devotion, hard work and suffering, we, their descendants, enjoy the blessings of this new land including comfortable houses that we did not build and fertile farms that we did not clear.

We lift our hearts in praise to you, O Lord, for these blessings that we enjoy today. We thank You for this food that You have caused to grow from the fertile soil and that is placed before us this night. We pray that You will bless it to our use and may we be ever thankful for Your goodness to us.

We ask these mercies in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour.


Composed by Frank Rogers, UE, Kawartha Branch, 1998
Mr. Rogers grants permission, as to the free use of this Grace by all interested persons.