John Graves Simcoe
John Graves Simcoe

Proving You are a Loyalist Descendant

Once a member, anyone with Loyalist ancestry can prove that ancestry genealogically by applying for a Loyalist Certificate which attests to that fact. The Branch genealogist will provide the application form and guidance on the research and process. The one-time non-refundable fee to make application is $40, and is paid at the time the form is submitted to the UELAC Dominion Genealogist.

The “proving process” was first instituted in 1971 by the national UELAC. Since that time many members of Gov Simcoe Branch have proven to one or more Loyalist ancestors.

If you or a family member wish to apply for your UE Certificate please:

One of the common sources of information that can indicate a Loyalist, and link children of loyalists to their parent, if they lived in Upper Canada (now Ontario) is the collection of Upper Canada Land Petitions (UCLP) from Library and Archives Canada (LAC). Here are instructions on how to locate them.

For reference, you can see which Loyalists our Branch members have proven.

For more information about the Loyalist Certificate and the process of proving, please contact the Branch Genealogist.