John Graves Simcoe
John Graves Simcoe

Other Branches

The United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada has a very small national or Dominion executive which coordinates a few things on a country-wide and international basis. The Branches are the core of the Association and most activities are conducted at that level - as they are close to their members in most cases. Branches exist in 27 different places across the country, from Halifax-Dartmouth to Victoria. Newfoundland/Labrador is the only province without a branch.

People who are remote from any branch, and those from outside the country - there are many members from the USA and other countries as well - will often join a branch close to the location where their Loyalist ancestors originally or latterly settled. Many Loyalists in the big migrations from New York and other points along the Atlantic Ocean landed in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, but within ten or twenty years, a number of them had moved on to Upper Canada and beyond.

Some people join multiple branches. Other than in one's primary branch where full fees are paid, most branches offer reduced fees for those who join multiple branches - as no costs are incurred by second and successive branches for the Loyalist Gazette for example.

Gov. Simcoe Branch welcomes members from the Toronto area, and elsewhere, as first or multi-branch members. But if you would like to explore the other branches, the best contact list, which shows email addresses and web sites is at the Dominion website on the Branches page.