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Loyalist Rose presented to The Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa

Ottawa — June 8, 2006

The Sir Guy Carleton Branch United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada held an impromptu Loyalist Rose presentation ceremony at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. The Maiden's Blush (Loyalist Rose) plant that the Farm had did not survive the winter.

Fred Hayward brought a Loyalist Rose from his garden to the Annual General Meeting to donate to the Farm. On June 8, 2006, at 2 p.m., a small gathering of Loyalists appeared to donate the plant to Brian Douglas and Sharon Saunders, representing the Farm.

Christopher, Rory, and Mairead Hayward McEwen, grandchildren of Fred Hayward, spread some earth around the plant.

Maj. Duff Mitchell told the story of the Loyalist Rose. George and Janet Anderson, and Sylvia Powers appeared in period dress. Also present were Annette Murray, Gary Bagley, Bill Powers, Sarah Hayward, Edward and Elizabeth Kipp.

Following the ceremony, the children, who are quite familiar with the Farm, showed us a fairy tree.

Thanks to the Hayward family and Duff for making it all happen. Photos are included below.

– Sylvia Powers, President, Sir Guy Carleton Branch UELAC

(Click on a photograph to make the image larger)
Sylvia Powers
Sylvia Powers
Hayward grandchildren planting the Loyalist Rose
Hayward grandchildren
planting the Loyalist Rose
Loyalist group
Loyalist group
Duff Mitchell
Duff Mitchell

Further Reading

Camerons, MacLeods and the Loyalist Rose, by Major George D. (Duff) Mitchell, MC, CD, UE