Other Loyalists of Canada Proven by Branch Members

The following is a list of the Loyalist ancestors from outside of Essex County that were proven by members of the Bicentennial Branch of UELAC. If you are descended from any of these Loyalists, you may apply for a United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada certificate with the help of our branch genealogist.

George Frederick Anger
Jacob Anguish (Enckisch) – Lincoln County, Niagara
John Ault Sr.
Frederick Baker
Benjamin Baker
Francis Boole
Samuel Brownson Jr.
Samuel Brownson Sr.
Henry Buchner
Henry Buchner Sr.
Philip Buck
John Butler
John Chester
Michael Cline (Clyne) – Cornwall Twp, Stormont
Daniel Cole
John Collard
Abraham Cowell
William Crowder III
George Valentine Cryderman
Joseph Heinrich Cryderman – Cornwall Twp, Stormont
Peter Davy
Jacob Diamond Sr.
William Disher
Joseph Doan
Anthony Dougherty
David Dulmage (Dulmadge)
George Field
Benjamin Fralick
John Freeman
Henry French
Johann Michael Gallinger Sr. – Cornwall Twp, Stormont
Christian Gallinger – Cornwall Twp, Stormont
Michael Gallinger – Cornwall Twp, Stormont
Abel Gilbert
Peter Gordon
Henry Gordonier
Charles Green
Joseph Haines Sr.
Nathaniel Haines
Capt. John Haviland
John Helmer
John Philip Helmer
William Hodgkinson
Robert Howey
Nehemiah Hubble
David Hunter
Lawrence Johnson
George Keefer
Frederick Keller
Peter Laur – Lincoln & Durham Counties, ON
Bartholomew London
John Mabee
Francis MacKay
Isaac Man
Reuben Mott – Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds
Hendrick Nelles
William Osterhout
Roelof Ostrom
Staats Overholt
William Pickard
John Pond
Jacob Powley
John (Johannes) Ryckman – Barton Twp, Wentworth
Johannes (John) Rychman – Barton Twp, Wentworth
William Scoles
Walter Scott
William Steele
Jacob Thompson
Miller Turner
George Upper
Isaac Vansickle
Christian Warner
John Irish Wilson