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Memorial Tiles: Charlotte Trumpour

TRUMPOUR, Charlotte: 1823 - 1905

Charlotte Trumpour was the daughter of John Trumpour and Elizabeth Dorland and the granddaughter of pioneer Adolphustown United Empire Loyalist settlers John Dorland and Paul Trumpour (Tile # 29).

Charlotte married Philip Dorland (1817-1870) (Tile # 14). They settled on a farm in Adolphustown and raised ten children. Three of their children are also commemorated on memorial tiles: Elizabeth Jane Membery, née Dorland (Tile # 11), John Dorland (Tile # 22) and Elsa Etta Turner, née Dorland (Tile # 13).

At the time of settlement in Adolphustown the Dorland family belonged to the Quaker faith. The first preparative meeting of the Society of Friends (Quakers) in either Upper or Lower Canada was held in Adolphustown Township and a frame meeting house was erected on the south shore of Hay Bay in 1792. The Society of Friends was active in Adolphustown until meetings ceased in 1897 when many descendants of the original Quaker families had moved on to Prince Edward County. Charlotte’s husband Philip’s grandfather, Thomas Dorland, had been disowned much earlier by the sect for taking up arms and had joined and become an active member of the small Anglican community.(1) When the Adolphustown Society of Friends was disbanded, other members of the Trumpour and Dorland families became Anglicans and supported St. Alban’s United Empire Loyalist Memorial Church in Adolphustown. At the time of the 1881 census, Charlotte, now widowed, and the seven children still living at home, all give their religion as Church of England.(2)

Charlotte Trumpour Dorland died on August 20, 1905. Both Charlotte and her husband Philip are buried in the St. Alban’s Cemetery.


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