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Burial Ground for the Family of James Hough UE

James Hough UE was with the KRRNY and died at age 16 on 17 Feb 1784, why & where unknown but before the regiment was disbanded.

His commanding officer, Sir John Johnson, signed a memo stating that "the brothers and sisters, if any, of the deceased are entitled to the proportion of land that he would have received had he lived".

In 1785 a document on behalf of the Lt. Governor stated "Bearer widow Huff and son (and two children) Loyalists, being entitled to 200 acres of land, drew Lot 7 Concession 3 Osnabruck Township".

Widow Huff/Hough and 12 year old son Samuel settled on the land where a Family Burial Ground was designated and used until 1889. The land was passed down within the family to the 3rd generation but in 1931 the land was sold to a farmer from outside the family. He took down the fence thus letting in cattle; over time all the grave markers were knocked down and smashed.

In 2005 the Burial Ground was dowsed, and 28 graves were located.

In 2010 two bronze plaques were fastened to a big rock which was found elsewhere on the farm. One plaque refers to the original Hough grantees of the Farm; the second identifies a white grave marker for Henry Feek spouse of Nancy Hough, which is the only one which has survived all these years.

The memorial is clearly visible on county road 18 near Lunenburg ON.

This project was undertaken by Don Maxwell.

Burial Ground for Family of James Hough UE
Marker of the Burial Ground and a remaining stone.