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Make a donation and help preserve Loyalist history
Make a donation and help
preserve Loyalist history

UELAC Catalogue

UELAC has developed a Plaque/Grave Marker to be used primarily to mark the graves of UE Loyalists who have been proven through UELAC. It may be used by the same eligible people as a wall plaque.

UEL Loyalist Plaque/Grave Marker

The plaque is solid “memorial bronze,” singularly distinctive with the member’s Badge, three inches in diameter and with words UE Loyalist in one quarter inch raised classic style lettering; below is bas relief. It has a single line border and polished letters with the Badge specially high-lighted. The background finish is in light oxide ( as shown in the picture, the result is a medium brown colour) to give a permanent baked-on coating. Overall measurements are four and one-half inches by six inches. When the plaque is used as a grave marker, it is attached to the tombstone by a concealed, vandal-proof method.

A person who has received a Loyalist Certificate may purchase a plaque – for their own use only – by completing the order form and submitting it with payment.

A person who wishes to purchase a plaque for another individual who has received a Loyalist Certificate can follow the same procedure.

Anyone who is of Loyalist descent and would like to purchase a plaque must first become a member and successfully apply for a Loyalist Certificate.

The cost is $160 CDN for orders in Canada. For orders outside Canada, the cost is $160 US. In both cases, the cost includes shipping.


  1. Photo with dimensions (pdf)
  2. Order form (pdf)
  3. Instructions for mounting

Payment: Cheques made payable to The United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada and the completed order form should be sent to the Dominion Office (details on the order form).

If you have questions, please contact Dominion Office - see Contact Page.