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Make a donation and help
preserve Loyalist history

UELAC Promotions Catalogue

Description: Family Name Ribbons - recognize your Loyalist ancestor, or a different ribbon for your ancestor who was a Loyalist or descendant of a Loyalist who participated in the War of 1812 with his or her name on the bar.

Multiple ancestors? Each ribbon will hold up to five bars; some people wear multiple ribbons. Wear different ribbons for Loyalists and War of 1812 participants (see different medals below).

As this is not an earned medal or medal of recognition, this ribbon should be worn on the right chest.

The ribbon and bar come separately so the bar can be placed as desired.

Have your engraving done by your local jeweller, or order the bar with engraving at $.60 each letter.

Cost: $20.00 each, includes one blank bar,
additional blank bars $2.00 each,
specify loyalist or 1812 medal,
tax included (S&H in Canada for 1 ribbon and bar $5.00, for 2 ribbons and 2 bars $8.00; otherwise ask.)

Loyalist Family Name Ribbon
War of 1812 Family Name Ribbon