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Annual Conference: 2006

A Capital Bus Tour

When John Graves Simcoe established The Town of York (now Toronto) in 1793, many Loyalists were involved and later settled in the new capital. As well, many Loyalists came from other Provinces and from varied regions of Upper Canada (now Ontario) to make this new capital their home.

Later Loyalist generations worked together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the coming of the Loyalists. One of the spin-off results of their efforts was the formation, in 1896, of "The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Ontario". This organization would, in 1914, become "The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada".

Our bus tour will travel through the many neighbourhoods and districts of Toronto, highlighting the presence of the Loyalists in both modern and historical contributions. We will pass through Rosedale, Forest Hill, the Fashion, Financial, and Entertainment Districts connecting many Loyalist families to the great city that was once a little town.

The Ryersons, Stuarts, Sniders, Jarvises, Shaws, Thomsons, McLean-Howards, Robinsons and others left their mark on the landscape. Many of these same families were involved in the founding of our association.

We will pass and, in some cases stop at, glorious homes, magnificent churches and huge office towers.

Upper Canada's First Parliament, in which some of your Loyalist ancestors sat, will be celebrated.

We will visit St. James Anglican Cathedral and its Cemetery to the north.

Many historical nuggets and surprises await you on this trip. It will change your impression of Toronto and its Loyalist roots.