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A United Empire Loyalist's Bibliography

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Dominion Of Canada

National Library and Archives of Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)

Manuscript Groups

MG9 Provincial, Local and Territorial Records

A New Brunswick

B Nova Scotia

D Ontario

MG11 Public Record Office, Records

Q Series [CO42]

MG18 Pre-Conquest Papers

L British Officers

M Northcliffe Collection

N Military and Naval Documents

MG19 Fur Trade and Indians

(A) Fur Trade General

(1) Edgar, William, Transcripts, 1760-1812

(2) Eramatinger Estate, 1758-1874

(3) Askin Family, 1771-1864

39 Clark, Duncan, 1772-1851

(B) Fur Trade, Companies and Associations

5 Phyn and Ellice, 1767-1776

F Indians

1 Claus Family

2 Johnson Family

6 Brant Family

10 Walsh, Edward, 1776-1807

16 McKee, Alexander

35 Documents of the Superintendent of Indian Affairs

Series 2, Lot 679 Roll of Jeremiah French's Company of Militia

MG 21 Royal Manuscripts

Add MSS 21631-21660 Bouquet Papers, 1754-1765

Add MSS 21661-21892 Haldimand Papers

Add MSS 24323 Letter from Sir John Johnson regarding 1780 raid into the Mohawk Valley

Add MSS 29256-29259 Monthly Returns of British Forces 1769-1775

Add MSS 46840 Diary, 1775-1776 Seige of Quebec

MG23 Late Eighteenth Century Papers

A British Statesmen

1 Dartmouth, William Legge, 2nd Earl of

3 Sydney, Thomas Townshend, 1750-1798

B American Revolution

1 British Headquarters Papers, 1747-1783 [30 reels of microfilm]

2 Hazen, Moses. Transcripts, 1778-1783

5 Polley, John. Transcripts, 1775

7 Quebec Journal, 1775-1776

10 Preston, Charles. Originals, 1775-1776

13 Moody, James. Transcripts, 1777-1801

14 Purdy, Gilbert. Originals, 1777-1944

18 Queen's Rangers, 1st American Regiment. Originals, 1780-1783

23 King's Royal Regiment of New York. Originals, 1779-1785

29 Prince of Wales American Regiment. Originals, 1780

30 Wilkins, Robert. Transcripts, 1783

32 Nassau Blues. Original, 1779

33 McDonald, Alexander. Originals, 1775-1779

39 Livingston, Gilbert. Original, 1787

42 Creuzbourg, Colonel . 1777-1783 [microfilm, 1 reel]

43 Mackay, Samuel. Transcripts, 1778

44 Bernewitz, Colonel Johann Heinrich, von. Photocopies, 1776-1783

46 Perceval-Maxwell Collection, 1774-1778 [microfilm, 1 reel]

47 Nova Scotia, List of Loyalists Embarked for. Photocopy, 1783

C Nova Scotia

1 Perkins, Simon, 1777-1812 [microfilm, 2 reels]

9 Committee for Loyalists. Original, 1789

21 Small, John. Original, 1777, 1784

D New Brunswick

1 Chipman, Ward. Originals, 1751-1844; microfilm 1783-1839 [3 reels]

2 Winslow, Edward. 1695-1877 [microfilm, 3 reels]

3 Carleton, Thomas. Originals and transcripts

4 Botsford, Amos. Originals, 1762-1839

5 Crannell, Bartholomew. Originals, 1783-1818

7 Saint John, NB, Loyalists of. Original, 1883-1891

G II Quebec and Lower Canada

6 Dorchester, Sir Guy Carleton

10 Sewell, Jonathan and Family

22 Haldimand, Sir Frederick

HI Upper Canada, Political Figures

1 Simcoe, John Graves, 1765-1860

3 Jarvis Family, 1767-1901

5 White, John, 1780-1840

K Military Documents

3 Gage, Thomas, 1765, 1768

MG 24 D 4 Francis Goring Correspondence

MG 30 Manuscripts of the First Half of the Twentieth Century

C Social

8 Bull, George Armstrong

22 Macdonell, Alexander McLean

24 Long, Robert James

28 Thompson, Frank W

D Cultural

8 Campbell, William Wilfred

157 Warner, Howard Willard

E Professional and Public Life

66 Cruikshank, Ernest Alexander

MG31 Manuscripts of the Second Half of the Twentieth Century

G36 William A Smy Collection

Record Groups

RG1 Upper Canada, Executive Council, 1764-1867

E State Records of the Executive Council

1 Minute Books, 1764-1867

2 Draft Minutes and Reports, 1788-1856

3 Upper Canada State Papers, 1791-1841

16 Petitions, 1773-1840

L Land, Upper Canada

1 Land Committee Minutes [48 vols]

2 Grants, Deeds, Leases and Licences of Occupation, Upper Canada, 1791-1841 [65 vols]

3 Upper Canada Land Petitions

3L Miscellaneous Records, Quebec and Lower Canada, 1764-1842 [441 vols]

4 Land Board Records, Upper Canada, 1764-1804

5 First Heir and Divisee Commission, 1797-1804

6 Departmental Records, 1792-1857

7 Miscellaneous Records

Vol 1-16 Warrant Books, 1765-1845

Vol 42 Register of militia land certificates, Upper Canada, 1820

Vol 46-51 Land Rights (Surveyor General Certificates re unlocated land) 1834-1851

Vol 52A United Empire Loyalist Lists

Vol 52B United Empire Loyalist Rolls

Vol 53 Orders for locations for sons and daughters of United Empire Loyalists, 1834-1851

Vol 55-69 Lists of patents and fees, Upper Canada, 1802-1803

Vol 70 List of petitions referred to the Crown Lands Office, 1844

Vol 71 List of Loyalist and militia grants (Upper Canada) remaining to be issued, ca 1799

RG4 Civil and Provincial Secretary, Lower Canada

RG 5 Civil and Provincial Secretary, Canada West

A Civil Secretary's Office

1 Upper Canada Sundries

B Miscellaneous Records

5 Commissions

RG8 British Military and Naval Records

I "C" Series, British Military Records

A 1 Correspondence of the Military Secretary of the Commander of the Forces, 1767-1870 [1512 vols]

D Miscellaneous Records, 1757-1869

8 Militia Records Accumulated by the Claus Family, 1787-1794

11 Captain Anthony Vialar's Orderly Book, 1775-1776

12 Miscellaneous Records Relating to the Militia of the Town of Quebec, 1775-1776

18 Loyalist Regiment Muster Rolls, 1777-1783 [57 vols]

RG 9 Militia and Defence

I Pre-Confederation Records

A Adjutant General's Office, Lower Canada, 1776-1847

1 Correspondence, 1777-1847

B Adjutant General's Office, Upper Canada, 1795-1846

4 War of 1812, Land Claims Certificates

7 Upper Canada, Paylists, Muster Rolls, Nominal Rolls

RG10 Indian Affairs

RG 19 Department of Finance

A Minister of Finance

1 Correspondence, 1840-1886

2 Warrant Books, 1823-1889

B Receiver General

1 Correspondence, 1807-1870

2 Account Books, 1795-1889

3 Warrant Books, 1775-1887

5 Miscellaneous Records, 1796-1883

C General Records

1 War of 1812 Losses, 1824-1825

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Provincial Archives (Fredericton, NB)

RG 1 Records of the Lieutenant Governor

RS 330 Thomas Carleton

RG 2 Records of the Central Executive

RS 6 Minutes and Orders-in-Council of the Executive Council

RS 7 Executive Council Records

RS 8 Executive Council, Appointments, Commissions, Attorney General, Indians

RG 4 Records of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly

RG 7 Records of the Probate Court

RG 10 Records of the Department of Natural Resources

RS 107 Crown Lands Branch Records

RS 108 Land Petitions

RG 18 Records of the Department of Municipal Affairs

RS 153 Northumberland County Records, Minutes of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas

New Brunswick Museum (Saint John, NB)

Loyalist Muster Rolls. Muster rolls of various Loyalist regiments. [on microfilm, 1 reel]

Winslow Family Records, 1695-1866. Correspondence of a Massachusetts loyalist family, principally Edward Winslow (1747-1815), a loyalist officer and Muster Master of the Provincial Troops. [on microfilm, 18 reels]

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Archives (Halifax, NS)

MG 1 Papers of Families and Individuals

MG 12 Great Britain, Army

MG 13 Great Britain, Navy


359Papers Connected with the Settlement of the Old Townships, also some Papers of the Loyalist Settlements

361 Papers Connected with Partitions of the Townships of Yarmouth, Newport, Horton and Falmouth

409 Papers Relating to the Settlement on the River Saint John

RG 20 Lands and Forests

A Land Grants and Petitions


Eva Brook Donly Museum (Simcoe, ON)

Norfolk Historical Society Collection

Thomas Welch Papers

Ontario Archives (Toronto, ON)

Microfilm Series

MS 4 John Beverley Robinson Papers

MS 9 United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, Governor Simcoe Branch Records

John Strachan Papers

MS 43 Richard Cartwright Letterbook, 1793-96

MS 58 Percy Bond Collection, Cartwright Papers

MS 74 William Hamilton Merritt Papers

MS 193 Gonder Papers, Jessup Papers, Nelles Papers, Merritt Papers, Niagara Township Minute Book

MS 198 William G Reive Collection

MS 500 Samuel Street Papers

MS 503 Robert Nelles Papers

MS 517 John Graves Simcoe Papers (Canadian section)

MS 519 Joel Stone Papers

MS 521 Edward Jessup Papers

MS 536 John Askin Papers

Manuscript Series

MU 12-15 John Askin Papers

MU 17-18 Jacques Duperon Baby Family Papers

MU 500-515 Cartwright Family Papers

MU 693-704, MU 5818-5823 Cemetery Records Collection

MU 1564-1567 Edward Jessup Family Papers

MU 1581 Daniel Servos Records

MU 1634 William Kirby Collection

MU 1730 Peter Hunter Letterbook

MU 1776-1778 Alexander Macdonell Papers

MU 2187-2189 Abraham Nelles Family Papers

MU 2552-2553 Rogers Family Papers

MU 2883-2884 William D Reid Collection

MU 2923 Stuart Family Papers

MU 3054 United Empire Loyalist Miscellaneous Materials

MU 3296 Henry William Nelles Family Papers

MU 2190-2192 Robert Nelles Family Papers

MU 3045 United Empire Loyalist Collection

Record Groups

RG1 Records of the Ministry of Natural Resources

(A) Office of the Surveyor General and; Commissioner of Crown Lands

I Correspondence, 1766-1913

II Reports and Statements

1 Surveyor General's Reports

5 Second Heir and Divisee Commission Reports

III Registers, 1797-1896

IV Schedules and Land Rolls, 1784-1943

VII Miscellaneous Records, 1788-1914

(B) Accounts

II Account Books, 1802-1974

III Financial Statements, 1792-1869

IV Survey Accounts, 1796-1915

V Miscellaneous Accounts and Receipts, 1790-1874

(C) Lands Branch

I Land Grants

1Petitions, 1827-1865

2 Orders in Council, 793-18643 Fiats and Warrants, 1797-1880

4 Locations, 1800-1935

5 Registers of Assignments, 1837-1866

6 Descriptions, 1796-1977

9 Miscellaneous

IV Township Papers

VIII Military Land Grants

CB Survey Diaries and Field Notes

1 Surveyors' Diaries, Field Notes, 1790-1928

3 Miscellaneous Files, 1794-1918

RG8 Department of the Provincial Secretary

I Provincial Secretary

6 Registrar General

A District Marriage Records, 1800-1857

RG21 Municipal Records, 1810-1900

RG 22 Court Records and Wills

RG 40 Second Heir and Divisee Commission, 1805-1911

RG53 Records of the Department of the Provincial Secretary

Series 1 Land Patents

Series 2-2 Index to Patents

Metropolitan Public Library (Toronto, ON)

B9 Sir David William Smith Papers

Upper Canada Court of Common Pleas, Nassau District

York, UC, Minutes of Town Meetings and Lists of Inhabitants

Prince Edward Island

Public Archives of Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown, PEI)

RG 16 Registry Office, Land Registry Records


City of Liverpool Public Libraries

Parker Family Papers, 1760-1795. Personal, business and family correspondence, memorial, and journal, chiefly of James Parker (1729-1815), a Virginia merchant, loyalist, officer in the British Army and American prisoner of war. [on microfilm, 4 reels]

British Library (London, England) (formerly in the British Museum)

Class 50: Military Manuscripts

Auckland Papers. Accompanied by guide. Papers of William Eden Auckland, 1st Baron Auckland. During the Revolution he was in charge of British espionage and was in contact with Loyalist informants. [on microfilm, 5 reels]

Additional Manuscripts

Arundel Manuscripts

Burney Manuscripts

Cottonian Manuscripts

Hardwick Papers

Harleian Manuscripts

Landsdowne Manuscripts

Montague Papers

Sloan Manuscripts

Public Record Office (London, England)

Admiralty Papers (ADM)

ADM 1 Admiralty Secretariat, Papers, 1698-1913

240-491, 3817-3823, 3883-3887, 5307, 5323, Secretary's Department In-Letters, 1763-1783. Includes Admirals' and Captains'dispatches, Letters from Governors of Plantations and from Doctors Common, intelligence letters and reports of courts-martial. [286 reels]

480-509 Dispatches, 1745-1815 [26 reels]

1435-2738 Captain's Letters, 1698-1839 [56 reels]

ADM 2 Admiralty and Secretariat, Out-Letters, 1795-1830 [4 reels]

1057-1061, 1332-1341 Secretary's Department Out-Letters. Letters regarding Admiralty and Vice-Admiralty Courts, secret orders, and letter responding to Secretary's Department In-Letters. [4 reels]


317-318. Miscellanea. Contains Register of Passes, naval instructions, law officers' opines, Letters of Marque, America, 1777-1783, lists of transport licences to go to America, 1776-1780, statements of exports and imports from colonial ports, 1768-1769 [on microfilm]

ADM 49 Accounting Department, Miscellanea, 1756-1825 [4 reels]

Audit Office Records (AO)

AO 12.Papers of the American Loyalist Claims Commission, 1780-1835. Accompanied by index. Contains summaries of original loyalist claims, supporting documents, examinations of witnesses, and other materials. [30 reels]

AO 13.Records of the American Loyalist Claims Commission, 1776-1831. Accompanied by index. Original loyalist claims. Includes depositions by claimants, certificates, deeds to property wills, personal correspondence and other materials relevant to American loyalists' attempts to be compensated for losses during the American Revolution. [141 reels]

Colonial Office Records (CO)

CO 5: America and West Indies, 1606-1807 [25 reels]

1-2 Board of Trade

3-187 Secretary of State

7 Materials for Raising Provincial Troops

42 Burgoyne Expedition

92-95 Correspondence between Lord George Germain and Lord William Howe

188-272 Entry Books

193 Materials Relating to German Mercenaries

229 Military Dispatches from America and West Indies

242 Materials on the Campaigns of 1776

263 Secret Dispatches to Commanders in Chief]

273-285 Miscellaneous

286-292 Carolina

293-357 North Carolina

318 Original Correspondence of the Commander in the Lesser Antilles 1778-1781

358-535 South Carolina

536-539 Connecticut

540-573 South Florida

574-635 West Florida

636-712 Georgia

713-750 Maryland

751-854 Massachusetts

855-923 New England

924-969 New Hampshire

970-1036 New Jersey

1037-1232 New York

1233- 1256 Pennsylvania

1257-1301 Properties (Bahamas, Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey)

1302-1303 Rhode Island

1304 Vermont

1305-1450 Virginia

CO 42 Canada, Original Correspondence, 1763-1895 [724 reels]

1-88 Quebec, 1763-1801

89-315 Lower Canada, 1791-1840

316-476 Upper Canada, 1791-1841

CO 43 Canada, Entry Books

1-15 Quebec, 1763-1801

16-36 Lower Canada, 1791-1842

37-48 Upper Canada, 1791-1841

49-158 North America, General, 1810-1873

CO 44 Canada, Acts, 1764-1841 [34 reels]

1-5 Quebec, 1764-1797

6-38 Lower Canada, 1792-1841

39-61 Upper Canada, 1792-1840

CO 47 Canada, Miscellanea, 1770-1866 [78 reels]

1-55 Lower Canada, newspapers

56-79 Upper Canada, newspapers

80-83 Shipping Returns

84-121 Miscellaneous, 1764-1836

CO 188 New Brunswick, Original Correspondence, 1784-1867 [85 reels]

CO 189 New Brunswick, Entry Books, 1784-1867 [5 reels]

CO 190 New Brunswick, Acts, 1786-1853 [6 reels]

CO 191 New Brunswick, Sessional Papers, 1822-1830 [7 reels]

CO 192 New Brunswick, Government Gazettes, 1842-1868 [10 reels]

CO 193 New Brunswick, Miscellanea, 1786-1865 [10 reels]

CO 217 Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, Original Correspondence, 1710-1867 [111 reels]

CO 218 Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, Entry Books, 1710-1867 [10 reels]

CO 220 Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, Acts, 1749-1818 [6 reels]

CO 221 Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, Miscellanea, 1730-1866 [14 reels]

CO 226 Prince Edward Island, Original Correspondence, 1769-1873 [62 reels]

CO 227 Prince Edward Island, Entry Books, 1769-1872 [3 reels]

CO 228 Prince Edward Island, Acts, 1770-18564[7 reels]

CO 229 Prince Edward Island, Sessional Papers, 1770-1858 [8 reels]

CO 230 Prince Edward Island, Government Gazettes, 1832-1875 [9 reels]

CO 231 Prince Edward Island, Miscellanea, 1807-1871 [11 reels]

CO 323 Colonies, General, 1660-1925 [314 reels]

CO 324 Colonies, General, Entry Books, 1794-1836 [2 reels]

CO 325 Colonies, General, Miscellanea, 1718-1850 [4 reels]

Foreign Office Records (FO)

FO 4. General Correspondence, United States of America, 1783-1785

1-7. Includes correspondence between David Hartley and the Secretary of State, with other materials relating to peace treaties, copies of American papers, claims by British officers, supplemental loyalist papers, the papers of John Temple, Consul General to America. [6 reels]

FO 83. Great Britain and General, 1794-1801.

1. Materials Relating to American Prisoners and War Prizes. [1 reel]

FO 93. Protocols of Treaties, 1778-1783.

1-2. Instruments recording agreements reached by negotiators. [on microfilm, 1 reel]

FO 95. Miscellanea, 1794-1801.

512-514. Treaties and Correspondence. [2 reels]

FO 353. Francis James Jackson Papers, 1772-1783

2-7, 32-34. Materials relating to the hiring of German troops by the British Army for use in America. Also a letterbook, 1772-1782. [3 reels]

Home Office Records (HO)

HO 28 High Court of Admiralty, 1782-1783.

1-3. Correspondence, 1782-1783. Includes letters regarding the exchange of American prisoners of war, transport of German troops, recruiting in England, movements of the French fleet. [3 reels]

HO 29. Admiralty Entry Books, 1779-1783

1. Entry Books. Warrants, commissions and instructions from George III to the Admiralty. [1 reel]

HO 42 Domestic Correspondence, 1782-1783

1-3. George III, 1782-1783. In-letters and petitions to the King regarding America. Also contains correspondence from Richard Oswald to Townshend and a draft of a commercial treaty with America. [3 reels]

HO 43 Entry Books, 1782-1798

HO 50 Correspondence, Military 1782-1840

HO 51 Entry Books 1758-1855 (Militia, Yeomanry, Volunteers)

Paymaster General's Office (PM)

PM 2 Ledgers, 1757-1840

PM 4 Half Pay, 1737-1921

PM 14 Miscellaneous Books, 1720-1861

Public Record Office (PRO)

PRO 30. British Headquarters Paper also known as the Dorchester Papers. Accompanied by guide. Chiefly official correspondence of Carleton, British Commander-in-Chief in America, 1782-1783. Includes correspondence to and from Carleton's predecessors, Generals Thomas Gage, William Howe, and Sir Henry Clinton. Much material on loyalists. [30 reels]

Manuscript Maps Relating to North America and the West Indies: Part 1, the Revolutionary Era, 1760-1783. Accompanied by guide. Ranges from maps on a continental scale down to maps of small areas. Includes small scale topographical mapping of large areas, explorations on the frontier, land grants, survey of loyalist estates, town plans, marine coastal charts, detailed harbour plans, fortifications, movements of troops [4 reels]

Danford, J. Diary, 1775. Diary of the siege of Quebec, 1775, by an American. [on microfilm]

State Office Papers (SP)

SP 34 Domestic, Anne, 1702-1714

SP 35 Domestic, George I 1714-1727

SP 36 Domestic, George II, 1727-1760

SP 37 Domestic, George III, 1760-1782

1-26. Letters and papers regarding America. Includes mercantile addresses and minutes of cabinet meetings [ 20 reels]

SP 41 Domestic, Military, 1640-1782

SP 87 Foreign, Military Expeditions, 1695-1763

Treasury Office Papers (T)

T 1 Treasury Board Papers, 1776, 1789-1790

T 27 Out-Letters, 1773-1789

T 38 Accounts, Departmental, 1777-1795

T 47 Records of immigrants from Scotland and England to British North America. [3 reels]

T 50 Miscellaneous Documents Relating to Refugees, 1780-1836, American Loyalists. [9 reels]

1-5 Pay Lists, Abstracts of Pay

6-28 Temporary Allowances Made to Loyalists

29 Book of Payments Made to Loyalists, 1783

30 Relief of Loyalists in East Florida, 1789-1795

31-48 Loyalist Quarterly Pension Lists, 1788-1839

49-52 Payments and Pensions to Loyalists, 1810-1830

53 Case of 55 Uncompensated Loyalists, 1816

54-56 Payments to Loyalists, 1830-1835

War Office Papers (WO)

WO 1 In-Letters, 1755-1800 [28 reels]

1-13 North America, 1755-1785

14 Canada, 1794

17-18 Nova Scotia, 1794-1800

WO 4 Out-Letters, Secretary at War, 1757-1763

WO 17 Monthly Returns, 1758-1865 [46 reels]

1489-1569 Canada, 1758-1865, [10 reels]

1570-1580 British, Provincial and German Troops Serving in Canada, 1776-1786 [5 reels]

WO 28 Headquarters Records, 1775-1817 [11 reels]

2-10 America, 1775-1795

WO 34 Amherst Papers, 1749-1784 [148 reels]

WO 40 Selected Unnumbered Papers, 1787-1840 [transcripts, 40 pp]


Buffalo Historical Society.

Phyn and Ellice Letterbooks, 1765-1776.

Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society.

John Porteous Papers

Detroit Public Library (Detroit, Michigan)

John Munro Papers

Pontiac Papers

Burton Historical Collection: John Porteous Papers

Herkimer County Historical Society.

John Porteous Papers.

Huntington Library (San Marino, California)

Abercrombie Papers, 1647-1787

Loundon Papers

New Jersey Historical Society, Newark, NJ

Bell, Andrew, 1757-1843. Papers, 1742-1843. Loyalist Lawyer and Surveyor General.

Boggs Family, 1737-1942. Correspondence, legal papers. Contains NJ loyalist claims.

Browne, Isaac, 1709-1787. Sermons, 1736-1776. Loyalist rector of Trinity Church, Newark.

Essex County, NJ. Records, 1772-1919. Includes materials on Loyalist forfeited estates.

Jouet Family, Papers, ca 1750-1890. Sermons of Rev Cavalier Jouet, Loyalist minister.

Murray, Nicholas, 1802-1861. Papers. Includes lists of Elizabethtown Loyalists.

Nelson, William, 1847-1914. Historical manuscripts, including names of NJ Loyalists.

Parker, James, 1725-1797. Diary, 1752-1783. Loyalist and lawyer from Hunterdon, NJ.

Smith Family, 1667-1960. Includes papers of John Waddell, Loyalist merchant.

New York Public Library (New York City, NY)

Phillip Schuyler Papers

New York State Library. (Albany NY)

John Porteous Papers.

William L Clements Library (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Sir Henry Clinton Papers, 1750-1812

Thomas Gage Papers, 1754-1783

George Sackville Germain, Viscount Sackville, Papers, 1683-1785

Jehu Hay, Diary, 1763-1765

Robert Rogers Papers, 1759-1832

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