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Make a donation and help preserve Loyalist history
Make a donation and help
preserve Loyalist history

Four Directions Youth Project

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Donations thermometer for the Four Directions Youth Project

Four Directions Youth Project
"donation thermometer"

Donations to the Four Directions Youth Project

You did it - we made it to $5,000.

You helped raise $5,000 to prepare the Four Directions Youth Project. The UELAC has committed to raising $5,000, or one quarter of the total sum required - progress will be tracked at right in the "donations thermometer." which will be updated frequently.

Objective: $5,000

28 Feb 2010 donations to date
Amount: $5,000
Achievement: 100%

List of Donors

Thanks to the following people and groups who have donated to this project in support of Zig Misiak and our First Nations allies.

Those who have contributed include:
Jim Bruce
Marian Conn
Don and Peggy Grant
Audrey Fox,
Doug Grant & Nancy Conn,
Margaret & Fred Hayward,
Shirley Lockhart,
London & W. Ontario Branch,
Wilson & Doreen Macdonald,
David Kanowakeron Hill Morrison,
Gloria & Lloyd Oakes,
Bonnie & Albert Schepers,
Carl Stymiest,
Rod & Bev Craig,
Grand River Branch,
Earle & Betty Fladager,
Sir Guy Carleton Branch,
Ruth Nicholson,
Michelle Knoll,
Vancouver Branch,
Robert Wilkins,
Bicentennial Branch,
Sir John Johnson Branch,
Okill Stuart,
Little Forks Branch,
and more.