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The Loyalists of Massachusetts and the Other Side of the American Revolution
James H. Stark, Boston, 1910
ISBN #1-933828-02-1
CD by Archive CD Books USA []
9110 Red Branch Rd.   Suite "0"
Columbia, MD 21045
Bob Velke, President

The Acrobat's Search feature (binoculars icon) can find any word, surname, place name, etc., in the text. A lot of companies distribute images without going to the trouble that as Archives CD Books has done. It is an important characteristic for researchers.

This section is smartly done by an original photo of the old book giving the reader that archival and historical feeling of seeing an actual copy of the work. Also, you can copy the contents of several Archives CD Books onto your hard drive, and can do one searches across all books at the same time. Just tell Acrobat's Search feature to look in "All PDF documents in (the folder)." You can also zoom in and out to affect the text size.

The contents are clear with sections entitled: Contents, Acrobat Reader, Getting around, License agreement, Loyalists of Massachusetts, and lastly, a Maps section.

After the front page appears, I can scroll very easily through each, finding them all very clear and readable. The print is large enough so there is no strain on the eye. The table of contents directs you to any titled section you wish to jump to.

The author, James Stark was a very sympathetic Loyalist writer who explains the plight of these British supporters and their hardships. He first starts at the very beginning with the settlement of the colonies where he thinks the seeds of the American Revolution started. Descriptions of the incidents leading up to the war is very detailed with many prominent loyalist family histories, confiscation lists.

There is a surname index at the end of the book making it a quick reference to one of the best loyalist sources for Massachusetts of its time. Archives CD Books USA has done another wonderful job in preserving this old book from disappearing into decay. Cost $19.95 (U.S.).

Review Results: I would definitely add this to your collection.

Reviewed by Paul J. Bunnell, UE 24 April 2006