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The Loyalists of America and Their Times: From 1620 to 1816
by Egerton Ryerson, D.D., LL.D. (1803-1882)
published 1880 (2 Vols.), CD # CA0182
CD by Archive CD Books USA []
9110 Red Branch Rd.   Suite "0"
Columbia, MD 21045
Bob Velke, President

This CD comes up with the help of Acrobat Reader to the contents list: Content, CA0182-1, CA0182-2, License info, Readme instructions, and Search Help. The first page has clear lettering and has high quality pages as other products of Archives CD Books and a table of contents is listed on the left side of the screen. This version is produced by their Canadian partnership segment of the business, but is sold by the U.S. location listed above.

Volume 1 - Starts off with a photo of the original books, something I enjoyed seeing. The author starts off with a large narrative of the history in the colonies and the government structure that developed from the English system. The 513 pages describe a comprehensive history from the beginning of all the settlements of the colonies culminating up to the American Revolution. The purpose of the text was to explain how and why the loyalists took the position they did. It is done very well.

Volume 2 – There is a selection under “Options” that is designated to go to the volume. This 459 page section deals with Congress, France, England and issues during the American Revolution. I was impressed with so many details in military and governmental processes and historical notes. There are lots of loyalist narratives and historical references and finally many letters and opinions from interested parties and press sources leading up to 1880.

The Acrobat's Search feature (binoculars icon) can find any word, surname, place name, etc., in the text. A lot of companies distribute images without going to the trouble that as Archives CD Books has done. It is an important characteristic for researchers. Each page is clear with no marks of any kind that make it a pleasure reading. Also, you can copy the contents of several Archives CD Books onto your hard drive, and can do one searches across all books at the same time. Just tell Acrobat's Search feature to look in "All PDF documents in (the folder)." You can also zoom in and out to affect the text size.

I would recommend reading and learning from this very large work if one is interested in our North American history, especially in our Loyalist studies and heritage. I applaud Archives CD Books Canada for helping to save and making available this great work. Cost: $30.95 (U.S.)

Review Results: I would definitely add this to your collection.

Reviewed by Paul J. Bunnell, UE – 24 April 2006