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Loyalist CD Reviews

Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution with an Historical Essay
by Lorenzo Sabine, 1864
ISBN #1-933828-18-8   Dated 2006
CD by Archive CD Books USA []
9110 Red Branch Rd.   Suite "0"
Columbia, MD 21045
Bob Velke, President

When viewing this Archive CD Books USA disk I find it very user-friendly with an explanation page telling the reader how to get around the CD giving navigation, searching, and Adobe Acrobat Reader options. Listed in the “Bookmarks” folder is volume 1 and 2 of this book. Each page is very clear with large print. A must for us blurry-eyed senior researchers. I found the scrolling very smooth and easy, but could not find anything in the “Signatures” and “Layers” tabs of the options listing. Under the “pages” folder was another story as my pick of page numbers had very quick and easy access. Each choice in this folder had large page numbers referenced and the scroll bar made it quick to use. Every page is clear with no markings of age or poor quality copies.

For those of you who are not familiar with Sabine’s work; each listing is in alphabetical order and where there can be a biographical sketch, lots of material has been added. Military, family, settlement and any other historical outlines has been added. Volume 1 contains the Title Page, Preface, Historical Essay, and alphabetical listings starting with “A” surnames through “K.” Volume 2, continues with “L” through “Z.” There is an end section called “Fragments” that was an additional listing of added Loyalists, pages 469 through 600. This book is considered one of the main research tools for Loyalist studies.

The Acrobat's Search feature (binoculars icon) can find any word, surname, place name, etc., in the text. A lot of companies distribute images without going to the trouble that as Archives CD Books has done. It is an important characteristic for researchers. Also, you can copy the contents of several Archives CD Books onto your hard drive, and can do one searches across all books at the same time. Just tell Acrobat's Search feature to look in "All PDF documents in (the folder)." You can also zoom in and out to affect the text size.

Archives CD Books USA has contributed much to the Loyalist records by keeping this work available on CD for $29.95 (U.S.) in a smart plastic case.

Review Results: I would definitely add this to your collection.

Reviewed by Paul J. Bunnell, UE – 24 April 2006