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Grand River Branch: Marking Additional Loyalist Cemeteries in the Long Point Settlement

In the summer of 2005, Grand River Branch posted permanent signs at three cemeteries identifying them as Loyalist burial grounds.

The three cemeteries marked were Woodhouse United Church Cemetery, Vittoria Baptist Cemetery, and Old Windham United Cemetery (Culver Cemetery). Click here for more details.

The signs are 24"x30" and have a white background with a border of royal blue; top centre there is a 9" crest of the Royal Cypher. Beneath in Royal Blue is the lettering "UNITED EMPIRE LOYALISTS BURIAL GROUND" (pictured below).

There has been a great deal of positive comment from last year's project, and the signs are available. As a result, we plans to post additional signs in other parts of the Branch territory.

After careful research and with the help of Ray Lewis's UELAC project "Loyalist Burial Sites," we have identified three more cemeteries in which UE Loyalists are buried and are ready to erect signs at St John's Woodhouse and Doan's Hollow Cemeteries in Norfolk County and Oakland Pioneer Cemetery in Brant County. We are currently working to identify at least three others they could complete over the summer.

We continue to investigate further, in order to place our signs as an ongoing project at other Loyalist Burial Grounds in the Long Point Settlement and along the Grand River. You may wish to think about this idea for your own Branch; perhaps we can cover Ontario with Loyalist burial signs. We have secured a grant from the Branch Projects Committee toward this project; perhaps you could apply for one too!

[contributed by Committee Chair Marilyn Haslinger and Committee Members Cathy Thompson and Robert McCarey]

a completed, erected UEL Burial Ground marker