Information on the Loyalists

Philip Hierlihy was born circa 1756, Mallow, Ireland and immigrated to Middletown, Connecticut with his father, Lt. Col. Timothy Hierlihy. Both father and son were active loyalists during the American Revolution. They owned 70 acres in Middletown, CT purchased in 1767 from Thomas Legmour at a cost of £ 8 Lawful per acre. Philip and Timothy made several considerable improvements on the property and built a house and barn that cost £ 200 Lawful.

After the American Revolution, they escaped in 1783 to Antigonish, Nova Scotia where eventually, father and son parted. Philip first moved to Isle Ste. Jean (Prince Edward Island) before finally settling on Miramichi Bay at Tabusintac, Northumberland Co., New Brunswick.

Here he met and married 11 September 1787 Charlotte Howe Taylor, “The Mother of Tabusintac,” a well know and famous pioneer New Brunswick woman. They had 5 children: Eleanor, Philip Jr., James William, Honnor and Charlotte Mary Hierlihy. It was their daughter Charlotte Mary Hierlihy who would marry the son of loyalist, Benjamin Stymiest II. Philip obtained several land grants from George III, both on the north and south sides of the Miramichi River, but it was Tabusintac that he made his home.

by Carl W.W. Stymiest, U.E.