Information on the Loyalists

m. at Poukeepsie NY, 1760, ( having chosen to travel south after the Fall of Québec, Sept.1759 ) to Sarah, daughter of John Conklin. At this point Daniel and researchers lose track of a brother, who was also at Louisbourg, Cape Breton. Sarah and Daniel had 11 children, the later ones at Newtown Scottish Munro community, Half-moon NY.

Sarah Fraser: 1761 - died young.
John Fraser: 8 July 1762 - August 1829; m. 1788, Experience Rose, mrs. Cottier of Millhaven.
Esther Fraser: Dec.1763 - 3 Feb. 1854; m. 1784? John Carscallen to River Road, North Fred.
Rebecca Fraser: 5 Oct.1766 - 1784; x
Margaret Fraser: 25 Aug.1767 - 5 July 1847; m. Sgt. Joshua Booth, with DeLancey. to Ernestown.
Andrew Fraser: 7 Aug.1769 - 30 March 1855; m.1, Marie Chamberlain, m.2 Eunice.
Abraham Fraser: 16 Feb.1771 - 10 April 1841; m. Hannah Randolph Both Andrew and Abraham arrived a few years later, as they had been farmed out to patriotic neighbours.
Daniel Fraser: 22 Oct. 1772 - 10 Dec.1847; m. 1798 Sarah Schouten
Hannah Fraser: 28 Sept.1774 - 20 April 1862; m. 1792 David Lockwood
Isaac Fraser: 19 Sept.1779 - 2 July 1858; m. 1802 Hannah Storing
Jacob Fraser: 27 June 1782 - June 1854; m.1, . Jones, child died, m.2 . Smith 4 issue

As Sarah Conklin had died in March 1791, Daniel Fraser married secondly, Elizabeth Grant widow Davis

George Fraser 19 Dec. 1794 - 25 Nov. 1871 m. Elizabeth VanDusen.

George took landgrant for Sons of UEL, in Marysburgh, near Northport, Prince Edward County.

Daniel (Jr?) is buried in Lazier Cemetery, Georges Crescent, east of Northport.

Isaac was conceived immediately after Daniel and son John escaped from Fort Albany. Isaac was known as the township Registrar, at Millhaven, Ernestown.

Jacob was conceived either on the run, or after Sarah had relocated to St. John. Jacob was never caught as a Mackenzie Rebel, after moving to Mount Hope, south of Hamilton.

P.S.: A nephew of Andrew, also named Andrew, used his uncle's identity to petition for a land grant. When his uncle did arrive in Ernestown, he was granted land, somehow. Nobody suffered. Perhaps it was because Isaac was registrar, and Isaac's brother-in-law, Sgt. Joshua Booth was on the landboard?

[Recopied 2006 by Philip Smart]