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Loyalist Directory: Johann (Jacob) Powley

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Surname : Powley
Given name : Johann (Jacob)
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Kingston
Status as Loyalist : Expunged, reinstated, since Proven
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List. Upper Canada Land Petitions; letters, British War Office papers and 2nd Battalion R.R.N.Y.
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) : Expunged 1802/May/25;
Restored to the U.E. List by Petition from himself this day; Order in Council 1805 (or 1803?)/February/28
Regiment : King's Royal regiment, 2nd Battalion
Enlistment Date : 1781
Date & Place of Birth : 14 Oct 1744 In Holland
Settled before war : near Schenectedy, N.Y.
Date & Place of Death : 21 June 1814 Cataraqui, Ontario, Canada
Place of Burial : Cataraqui, Ontario, Canada
Wife Name : Mary Ann VAN VOORSE; b. 1749 Schenectady, New York, USA; m 1769 Schenectady, New York, USA; d at Cataraqui, Ontario, Canada
Children : William m Elizabeth Hoffman
Biography : According to Malcolm Powley, his great, great grandfather, Johann Jacob Pawley, was born in Holland or England and he came to America in about 1766 as a Lieutenant in a company of Hussars. After receiving his discharge from the army, he settled near Schenectedy, N.Y. where he purchased 800 acres of land, paying in gold. He married Mary Anne Vanvoorst. During the American Revolution, he supported the British by enlisting in the King's Royal regiment, 2nd Battalion in 1781. Sometime after that he fled to the Kingston area in Canada where he lived with the Natives until the end of the war before returning to the American Colonies to collect his family. In 1785 he returned to Upper Canada and received a land grant of 200 acres in Cataraqui, now Kingston twp.
Proven Descendants : Governor Simcoe 1984.04.27
Governor Simcoe 1984.12.07
Manitoba 2003.04.07
Calgary 2003.07.14 (Wayne Hovdestad)
Hamilton 2007.04.30
Kingston & District 2009.08.31;
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy : From Wayne Hovdestad back to Johann Powley:
Generation 1: Wayne Roy Hovdestad
Generation 2: Jo Ann Shirley Hanscam (b. 1935; m. 1956)
Generation 3: Harold Ray Hanscam (b. 1886; m. 1923; d. 1966)
Generation 4: Annie Peters (b. 1869; m. 1888; d. 1906)
Generation 5: Abraham Peters (b. c1839; d. 1906)
Generation 6: Jane M. Fairbanks (b. 1814; m.1836; d. 1856) married Joseph J. Peters (b. 1814; m. 1836;)
Generation 7: Caleb Fairbanks (b. 1790; m. 1814; d. 1867)
Generation 8: Elizabeth Powley (b. 1775; d. 1848)
Generation 9: Johann Jacob Powley (b. 1744; d. 1814)
Generation 10: (Francis Powley)
Family History : Read the family story of Wayne Hovdestad and his two Loyalist ancestors:
Johann Powley by Wayne Hovdestad
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : Information submitted on behalf of Wayne Hovdestad by volunteer Linda McClelland
Reserved :