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Loyalist Directory: Elisha Phillips (Philips)

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Surname : Phillips (Philips)
Given name : Elisha
Rank : Sgt.
Where Resettled : Midland District, Fredericksburgh
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : King's Rangers Commanded by Major James Rogers
Enlistment Date : Memorial for losses says he joined in 1777 & served all of the war in Roger's Rangers
Date & Place of Birth : January 23, 1759, New Milford, Connecticut
Settled before war : Kingsbury, Charlotte County, New York
Date & Place of Death : C1817, Fredericksburgh, Lennox County, ON
Place of Burial : Fredericksburgh or Loyalist Burial Ground, Adolphustown.
Wife Name : Elizabeth Bell (02May1767 Scotland-08Feb1857 Thurlow Twp) m c1785 at Fredericksburgh, dau of William Bell & Flora McCorkendale.
Children : Ann Phillips (1786-1861) m Jacob Dafoe
William Bell Phillips (30Sep1788-26Jul1860 Longwell Cemetery) m 21Nov1809 Elizabeth Rickley (03Dec1788-13Oct1857 Longwell Cemetery)
John Phillips (05Apr1791-22Apr1868 Phillips-Jones Cemetery) m 03Dec1810 Mary Dafoe (1791-1874)
James Phillips (15Sep1793-bef1851) m Mary Dafoe (18Nov1794-After1888 North Gwillimbury Twp)
Asahel Phillips (16Oct1797-05Jan1868 Phillips-Jones Cemetery) m Catherine Rickley (24May1803-)
George Phillips (18Nov1804-27Apr1890Thurlow Twp) m Christiana Sills (08Aug1807-20Mar1890 Thurlow Twp)
Flora Phillips (20Mar1809-)
Elizabeth Ann Phillips (29Sep1811-07Aug1882) m 07Jan1833 David Nicholson (31May1801-07Dec1883)
Biography :  
Proven Descendants : Bay of Quinte 1996.08.11; Bay of Quinte 2014.09.15 (Arthur Richard Phillips & Paul Cecil Lozo);
Military Info : Sgt Rogers Rangers; Captain in Lennox Militia, Fredericksburgh
Loyalist Genealogy : Lines of Descent:
1. Elisha Phillips and Elizabeth Bell
2. William Bell Phillips m Elizabeth Rickley
3. Elisha Phillips m 1st Unknown then 2nd Jane Mitts
4. Daniel Phillips m Prudence Reddick
5. Rosetta May Phillips m William Schriver
6. Flossie A. Schriver m Paul Francis Lozo
7. Paul Cecil Lozo
1. Elisha Phillips and Elizabeth Bell
2. James Phillips and Mary Dafoe
3. John Thomas Phillips m Phebe Jane Bowerman
4. Edwin Phillips m Mary Ann Grant
5. Thomas Ambrose Phillips m Jennie Artress
6. James Edwin Phillips m Constance Geraldine Armstrong
7. Arthur Richard Phillips
Family History :  
Family Genealogy : 1. William Phillips (c1588 England-Mar1654 Taunton, MA) m c1618 Elizabeth Parker
A) Elizabeth (c1619-1698 Walker Burying Ground, Taunton, MA) m 1646 James Walker (1619 England-18Feb1692 Taunton, MA)
B) James Phillips (Aft 1628)

2. James Phillips (Aft 1628-1676 Taunton, MA -Killed by Indians during King Philips' War) m abt 1660 Mary Richmond (02Jan1643 Bridgewater, MA-)
A) James Phillips (01Jan1662 Taunton, MA-abt1731) m 09Dec1685 Abigail Hathaway (1667 Taunton, MA-1690)
B) Nathaniel Phillips (25Mar1664 Taunton, MA-)
C) Sarah Phillips (17Mar1664 Taunton, MA-) m19Dec1688 Samuel Wilbore (abt 1666)
D) William Phillips (21Aug1669 Taunton, MA-12Jun1705 Berkley, MA)
E) Seth Phillips (14Aug1671)
F) Daniel Phillips (09May1673 Taunton, MA-) G) Ebenezer Phillips (16Jan1674 Taunton, MA-)

3. Seth Phillips (14Aug1671 Taunton, MA-) m c1699 Abigail ?
A) Elizabeth Phillips (26Sep1700-) m 09Jul1722 Little Compton RI John Sandford (c1699-)
B) Elisha Phillips (21Jan1701)
C) John Phillips (01Nov1703-)
D) Hannah Phillips (1707-09Jan1738 Little Compton, RI) m 1728 Eliphalet Davenport (07May1705-abt1786)
E) Mary Phillips (25Dec1708-) m 01Oct1734 Little Compton, RI, Ephraim Davenport (abt1709-)

4. Elisha Phillips (21Jan1701 Little Compton, RI-17Jun1737 Turks Island) m 30Sep1736 Little Compton, RI, Innocent Butts (abt1716-)
A) John Phillips, UEL (28May1737)

5. John Phillips, UEL (28May1737 New Milford CT-before1792, Chambly Quebec) m 18Nov1757 New Milford, CT, Ann Burden (04Jul1736-)
A) Jane Phillips (abt1758-)
B) Elisha Phillips, UEL (23Jan1759 New Milford, CT-after1817 Fredericksburgh) m Elizabeth Bell (02May1767 Scotland-08Feb1857 Thurlow Twp)
C) Ziba Phillips, UEL (17Nov1761 New Milford, CT-bef1815) m Urania Burritt (13Feb1767-)
D) Seth Phillips, UEL (1763 New Milford, CT-06Apr1826 Caldwell Manor, Quebec) m Catherine Overnioff
E) Almon Phillips, UEL (1765 New Milford, CT-)
F) Elizabeth Phillips (1770-05Jul1813 Cornwall, ON) m Nadab Eastman (11Jul1761 New Milford, CT-09Jul1838 Cornwall, ON)
G) John Phillips (abt1773)
H) William Phillips (abt1774)
I) Nicholas Phillips (abt1775)
J) George Phillips (1776 Kingsbury, NY-06May1859)
K) Renaldo Burden Phillips (abt1777)
Sources : UEL List; 1783 Detachment Return of King's Rangers; 1797 Land Petition
Reserved :