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Loyalist Directory: Samuel Pennock (Pennick)

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Surname : Pennock (Pennick)
Given name : Samuel
Rank : Lieutenant in Colonel John PeterÕs Strafford Militia and the first company of John PeterÕs QueenÕs Rangers
Where Resettled : Elizabethtown Township, Leeds County
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Lieutenant in Colonel John PeterÕs Strafford Vermont Militia
Lieutenant in the First Company of Colonel John PeterÕs Queens Rangers
Enlistment Date : July 1777 (QueenÕs Rangers)
Date & Place of Birth : March 29, 1741 , Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut Colony
Settled before war : Strafford, Orange County, Vermont
Date & Place of Death : Elizabethtown, Leeds County, or Augusta, Grenville County
Place of Burial :  
Wife Name : Mercy Chapman, born May 18, 1738 in East Haddam, Connecticut Colony.
Marriage to Samuel Pennock on September 22, 1763 in East Haddam Connecticut. .
Died in Augusta Township, Grenville County, Upper Canada. .
Parents were David Chapman and Lee Abigail
Children : Philemon
Biography : See reference document: "Descendants of Samuel Pennock, a family history".
Proven Descendants : James Barry Gardiner, Colonel Edward Jessup Branch, June 28, 2010
Military Info : Together with his seven brothers , Samuel enlisted in the first company of Colonel John PeterÕs QueenÕs Rangers in July 1777 at Skenesborough where General Burgoyne had set up headquarters. Fought at the Battle of Bennington
Loyalist Genealogy : Samuel Pennock
=>Albe Pennock
==>Maria (Pennock) Booth
===>Mary Ann (Booth) Gardiner
====>John Harold Gardiner
=====>John William Gardiner
======>James Barry Gardiner
Family History : See reference document: "Descendants of Samuel Pennock, a family history".Ź
Family Genealogy : See reference document: "Descendants of Samuel Pennock, a family history".
The Samuel Pennock in the title refers to the grandfather of Samuel Pennock U.E.
Sources : Petition of Samuel Pennock, Strafford, October 6, 1788 Š Mss. State Papers of Vermont, Volume 18, page 32.
"Descendants of Samuel Pennock, a family history", OGS library, Brockville, Ontario
"Loyalty In Transition", by Lee Pennock Huntington, The Strafford Historical Society,1976

Information provided by Barry Gardiner
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