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Loyalist Directory: Antonius (Anthoney, Thunis according to British documents) Ostrander

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Surname : Ostrander
Given name : Antonius (Anthoney, Thunis according to British documents)
Rank :  
Where Resettled :  
Status as Loyalist :  
Proof of Loyalty : Loyalist Muster List of Captain Samuel McKay 1777
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Col. Francis Pfister/Captain Samuel McKay Corps of Loyal Volunteers
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth :  
Settled before war : Shaghticoke area of Rensselaer County, New York
Date & Place of Death : Bennington 1777- Killed in action
Place of Burial : Unknown (probably near battlefield)
Wife Name : Elizabeth Anna Proper b 16 Jan 1741 d unknown
Children : Pieter bapt 15 Mar 1761
Rachel b 15 May 1765
Maria b 15 Sept 1767
Eva b 13 Dec 1769 (Ken Artlip's Grant mother)
Teunis b 15 Oct 1774
Elizabeth b 16 Apr 1777
Biography : "Early in the Revolution while many families wished only to remain neutral and be left alone, Antonius left his family and made his way northward to join British forces under General Burgoyne. With Antonius went two younger brothers, Petrus and Abraham, his brother-in-law Peter Proper, and a cousin from Stillwater, John Ostrander. Sent with a detachment from the main British force to acquire horses, wagons and provisions in the Hoosick Valley, Antonius and his compatriots were overwhelmed by unexpected opposition in the Battle of Bennington. British documents listed Antonius as "Thunis Ostrander" with the notation "Killed at Bennington”. His two brothers, brother-in-law and cousin were taken prisoner.
Antonius and Elizabeth had made their home in the Schaghticoke area of Rensselaer County. After losing her husband, Elizabeth took her six children, ranging in age from sixteen to less than a year, to live in the Livingston lands north of Rhinebeck where she had grown up. She now called herself Anna Elizabeth Proper, having been baptized Anna Elizabeth Proper, but she was soon hauled before the patron-dominated Committee to Detect and Defeat Conspiracies Against the United States. She was dismissed after the committee received a letter from one of the Livingstons regarding her case. Both her testimony and the letter have been lost in history.
Proven Descendants :  
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy : Antonius and Elizabeth’s fourth child Eva bpt 13 Dec 1769 married Hessian soldier Christian Ortlip later known as Artlip who had served with British Forces and was granted asylum in Albany on 29 June 1778. Together, Christian aka Christoper and Eva (nee Ostrander) Ortlip aka Ortlep aka Artlip had 10 children.
Betsey Artlip b Oct 1788
John V. Artlip b 10 July 1790
Rachel Artlip b 29 Sept 1792
Nicolaus Artlip bpt 7 June 1795
Catharina Artlip b 24 Aug 1797
Christian Artlip b 30 Oct 1799
Christopher Artlip b 2 Sept 1802
David Artlip b 27 Mar 1805
Ruben Brace b 26 Mar 1808
Asa R. b Aug 1811

My name is Kenneth Artlip and here is my line of descent.

(1) Christian (Christopher) Ortlip aka Ortlep aka Artlip b 16 Mar 1752, Germany d 15 Dec 1832, Springwater, Livingston County, New York m. Eva Ostrander (daughter of Antonius Ostrander) bpt 13 Dec 1769, Columbia County New York d 25 Jan 1835, Springwater, Livingston County, New York

(2) John V. Artlip b 10 July 1790, Rensselaer County New York d abt 1874, Almond, Allegany County, New York m. Mary b abt 1795 Greene County, New York

(3) Edward B. Artlip b 1811, New York d 1860, DeKalb County, Illinois Phebe unknown Caroline Harshee abt 1806 Massachusetts

(4) John Valentine Artlip b 1837, Livingston County, New York d 15 July 1867, Sherland, Winnebago County, Illinois m. Mary E. Mead b 15 Oct 1839, Northampton, Fulton County, New York d 19 April 1923, Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin

(5) John D. Artlip b 28 June 1859, Cortland Station DeKalb County Illinois d 31 Dec 1943, Beloit Rock County Wisconsin m.Julia White b 1860, Amboy, Canada d 17 Jan 1946, Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin

(6) Homer D. ARTLIP b 18 June 1892, Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin d 29 Dec 1980, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin m. Ada Carr b 9 Jan 1896, Rockton, Winnebago County, Illinois d 11 Feb 1920, Beloit Rock County Wisconsin

(7) Kenneth H. Artlip Sr. b 15 Oct 1915, Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin d 5 April 2005, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin m. Helen E. Konkel b 31 Mar 1913, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, County Wisconsin d 27 May 2003, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County Wisconsin

(8) Kenneth H. Artlip Jr.
Family History : Pieter Pietersen – Baptized 3 July 1657 in New Amsterdam. At age four, he came to colonial America with mother, sister and stepfather on 6 August 1661 on Dutch ship De St. Jan Baptist. First settled on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York before moving to Ulster County with his family in 1664. He was residing in Westquansengh, New York in 1679 when he married Rebecca Traphagen who was born in Bushwick, Long Island. Together they had 13 children. In 1700 he adopted an early version of the name Ostrander and by 1716 he was known as Pieter Ostrander Sr.

Willem Ostrander - Second son of Pieter Ostrander Sr. He was baptized on 24 Sept 1682 at Kingston, Ulster County New York. In 1705 he married Maritje De Hooges who was born about 1688. Together they had five children.

Pieter Ostrander- First son of Willem was baptized on 22 Dec 1706 at Kingston, Ulster County New York. He married Maria Pier who was born 24 April 1711. Together they had eight children.

Antonius Ostrander- Second son of Pieter was born on 21 Feb 1736 and baptized 10 April 1736 at St Peters Lutheran Church, Rhinbeck, Dutchess County, New York. He was married in 1760 to Elizabeth Anna Proper who was born 16 Jan 1741. She was baptized in 1741 at Looenburg Zion Lutheran Church, Athens, Greene County, New York. Together they had six children. Antonius was loyal to the Crown during the American Revolution. He was killed in action at the Battle of Bennington in 1777.

Eva Ostrander the third daughter of Antonius and Elizabeth was baptized on 13 Dec 1769 at Churchtown St Thomas Lutheran Church, Claverack, Columbia County, New York. In 1787 Eva Ostrander was married to Christian (Christopher) Ortlip aka Ortlep and Artlip. Together they had ten children. Eva is the matriarch of the entire Artlip family and my Grandmother.
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : Sources:

Loyalist muster list of Captain Samuel McKay 1777 who assumed control of Col. Francis Pfister's Corps of Loyal Volunteers when Pfister was killed at Bennington in 1777 (National Archives of Canada, WO 28/10, Reel B-2867, pp.17-18)

"Ostrander: A Genealogical record 1660-1995" by Emmett Ostrander, Vinton Ostrander and Collin Ostrander. (Library of Congress Catalog Card #99-70921)

Information submitted by Kenneth Artlip, Wisconsin.
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