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Loyalist Directory: Peter Miller (Mueller)

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Surname : Miller (Mueller)
Given name : Peter
Rank : Private
Where Resettled : St. Armand W., Missisquoi Bay
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : Ontario Archives 1904 List p9
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Peters
Enlistment Date : 1776
Date & Place of Birth : June 1740. His burial record says Court Matrix, Limerick County, Ireland
Settled before war : Camden, Cambridge, NY
Date & Place of Death : Oct 27 1819 St. Armand W. Missisquoi Lower Canada
Place of Burial : St. Armand W, Missisquoi Lower Canada
Wife Name : Agnes Benor, widow of Peter Lawrence, b 1731 Ireland d 1832 (101 yrs of age) St Armand W, Missisquoi, Lower Canada, m to Miller Sep 7 1765 Limerick Ire

Howard Lawrence (a 4 gt-grandson) notes that the surname "Benor" was used in French Quebec; otherwise she was Agnes "Benner".
Agnes and Peter were the parents of Loyalist Captain George Lawrence. Peter had been previously married to Catherine (iunknown) and a son of theirs was John Lawrence who married the widow of Philip Embury, the first Methodist preacher of North America.
Children : Mary b Jun 20 1766 d Mar 26 1855 m Sep 1782 to Garrett Sixby;
Charles b Oct 29 1768 d Jul 21 1852 m Mar 2 1793 to Margaret McCutcheon;
Catherine b Apr 17 1772 d 1831 m Samuel Embury
Biography : Peter Miller, loyal to the Crown, enlisted under Guy Carleton at Crown Point. He served in the retreat to Montreal, the Hudson River campaign with Burgogne to include the battles of Bennington and Saratoga and stayed in the British Army until discharged.
After a few years, his family left NY and traveled to Montreal to join Peter. The Americans confiscated their properties.
Defying Governor Haldimand, who had other ideas, Peter established himself in the Eastern Townships where he and his family lived out their lives as American Loyalists.

See information from the Loyalist Burial Project, submitted by Phyllis Hamilton, UE
Proven Descendants : Robert Fulton Galer, Toronto Branch, UELAC Certificate of June 21, 1983 is a direct descendant of American Loyalist Peter Miller.
(Robert's wife Mary Jane Galer, New Brunswick Branch, UELAC is a direct descendant ot American Loyalist Azor Betts.)
Fred Hayward of Hamilton Br. on 2002.05.20;
Little Forks 1990.08.23;
Little Forks 1991.07.16;
Little Forks 1992.02.18;
Sir John Johnson 1976.08.24;
Sir John Johnson 1984.03.20;
Sir John Johnson 1985.07.24;
Sir John Johnson 1986.01.22;
Sir John Johnson 1993.10.23;
Little Forks 2011-05-30;
Sir Guy Carleton 2011-05-30;
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy : Peter Miller and Agnes Benor;
→Mary Miller m Garrett Sixby;
–→Catherine Sixby m Jacob Galer;
––→J. Nyles Galer m Sarah Armington;
–––→Jay Clinton Butler Galer m Agnes Oliver;
––––→Fulton Armington Galer m Mabel Clair Troth Robson;
–––––→Robert Fulton Galer m Mary Jane Perkins;
Family History :  
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : Romance of the Palatine Millers; a Story of United Empire Loyalists by Rev. W. Bowman Tucker, Montreal 1929 and other sources.

Contributed by Robert Fulton Galer, email: zebrabob AT knology DOT net

Biographical extract from the Loyalist Burial Project submitted by Phyllis Hamilton, UE. Much of what Phyllis provided is based on pages 149-157 of "The Loyalists of the Eastern Townships of Quebec" as researched and written by Marion L. Phelps.
Reserved :