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Loyalist Directory: John Mersereau (Mercereau)

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Surname : Mersereau (Mercereau)
Given name : John
Rank : Captain (according to his petition for a grant of land in 1795).
Where Resettled : Maugerville NB
Status as Loyalist :  
Proof of Loyalty : NYGBS; V38 N1 Jan 1907
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Refugee Company 16
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : 30 June 1735
Settled before war :  
Date & Place of Death : 9 July 1814
Place of Burial : Cemetery of the Anglican Church in Maugerville
Wife Name : Gertrude (Charity) Van Horne b. 9 Dec 1737 d. 18 Apr 1822
Children : John and Charity had these children:

1. John Mersereau was born on 13 Apr 1757. He died on 30 Sep 1800. m. Elizabeth Breath on 5 Apr 1787
2. Lawrence Mersereau was born on 28 Mar 1761. He died on 9 Jul 1814. Married Hester (Esther) Tayler, daughter of James Tayler about 1786 in Sunbury County, New Brunswick.
3. Jacob Mersereau was born in 1763. He died in May 1812. Married (1) Rebecca Winent on 3 Nov 1781 (2) Mary Crochero on 5 Sep 1798.
4. Andrew Mersereau was born in 1764. He died in 1812. Married Elizabeth Bartlett , daughter of Richard Bartlett and Mary Robinson on 23 Sep 1788 in Maugerville, New Brunswick.
5. David Mersereau was born in 1769. He died in 1855. Married Martha Winent.

From Three Generations of the Mersereau Family by John Wood.
Biography : John Mersereau was born in 1735 and was a native of Staten Island. He married Charity (Gertrude) Van Horne circa 1755 and they had a family of five boys: John, Lawrence, Jacob, Andrew and David. There were many Mersereaus in the New York area and they all descended from Daniel or Joshua Mersereau, brothers who came from France to New York via England circa 1688. Several of John's cousins were American Patriots and included spies for General Washington. John Mersereau was a Loyalist and took refuge in New Brunswick. It is only from this point when he was 48 years of age that much is known of his life.

John was commissioned a Captain to bring refugee Company 16 to the remaining British Colonies. They evacuated New York for Parr Town, later Saint John, at the mouth of the Saint John River in July of 1783 aboard the Lord Townsend. Upon arrival, John went up river to Maugerville and bought half of lot 93 opposite the head of Middle Island from pre-Loyalists Stephen and Francis Peabody. Mersereau was one of the first Loyalists in Maugerville, indicating how active and busy he was in establishing himself, both in those early days and during the next few years. Life was difficult.

John Mersereau was elected one of the first Wardens of the Church of England in Maugerville on September 29, 1784. Rev. John Sayre led this congregation and Mersereau drew the plans for a rectory for James Bissett, one of Sayre's successors. On July 6, 1785 John was appointed a Justice of the Peace in Sunbury County. As a JP he was one of eight members of the Court of General Sessions of the Peace which dealt with criminal matters. He was a respected magistrate, but through his life he remained a farmer.

John Mersereau died on July 9, 1814. They said at the time that he was 93 years old, though he was likely only 79. He is buried in Maugerville, New Brunswick, where there is a monument erected to commemorate him.

As far as is known for certain, only two of his sons, Andrew and Lawrence, arrived with him and remained in New Brunswick. Both of them were Captains in the Sunbury County Militia. Andrew is said to have been second in command on the march of the 104th Regiment to Quebec in 1812. The 104th went on to Montreal and Kingston, a march of 700 miles in 52 days. Lawrence established a winter mail service between St. John and Fredericton in 1787. He was a Justice like his father.

Three of John's grandsons were militia officers and one was a preacher.

Note: This note on John Mersereau is an extract from a much longer piece of research done by John Wood, whose mother was a Mersereau descended from Loyalist John.
Proven Descendants : New Brunswick Branch on 2013.12.02 by Henry (Harry) Robertson George Currie);
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Though some of the Loyalists spelled their names Mercereau, John and his descendants spelled their name not with a "c" but with an "s" -- Mersereau.

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