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Loyalist Directory: Murdock McKenzie

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Surname : McKenzie
Given name : Murdock
Rank : Private
Where Resettled : Probably Sunbury Co., New Brunswick
Status as Loyalist :  
Proof of Loyalty : Loyalist Muster Rolls for Guides and Pioneers Corps.
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Guides and Pioneers Commanded by Colonel Beverly Robinson
Enlistment Date : Before October 1778
Date & Place of Birth : Born 4 January 1745; Inverness Parish, Scotland
Settled before war : Probably New York City from 1776 until the end of the War in 1783.
Date & Place of Death : c1785; Sunbury Co., NB
Place of Burial : Probably Sunbury Co., NB
Wife Name : Isobel McQueen, b.c. 1745; d. bef. 1785, Marriage date, death date and her parents unknown.
Children : Ann (McKenzie) Pratt, b. 1771, bapt. 15 March 1772, d. 24 March 1826, m. Loyalist James Pratt c1787. No other known children.
Biography : Church of Scotland, Inverness Parish records indicate that Murdock (Murdach) was born on 2 January 1745 and his parents were Murdach McKenzie and Kathrine Davidson. The marriage date for Murdock and Isobel McQueen is unknown at this time but parish records show that their dau., Ann, my 3rd g.grandmother, was bapt. on 15 March, 1772 in Inverness. Some ship records show that Murdock McKenzie arrived in Philadelphia in 1775 and other ship records show Isobel McKenzie, with her dau., Ann, age 3, also arriving in Philadephia, PA in July 1775 on the Clementia from Stornaway, Scotland.
We have no further record of the life and death of Isobel but Guides and Pioneer muster records show Murdock serving under the command of Colonel Beverly Robinson from at least 25 December 1778 until 24 October 1781.
Following the war, Murdoch removed to Sunbury Co., New Brunswick (NB) and Ann next appeared in Beaver Harbor, NB as a ward of Elias Wright (Loyalist), a well known Quaker.
In a copy of an indenture, obtained from the New Brunswick Provincial Archives, signed by Murdock (his mark) and witnessed by Elias Wright, Murdock requested that his land grant right to which he was entitled be conveyed to his dau., Ann McKenzie. The indenture indicated that that Ann was 14 years of age and was living with Elias Wright and family. Our next record of Ann begins with her marriage to James Pratt, my 3rd g.grandfather, whose record is in the Loyalist Directory.
Proven Descendants :  
Military Info : While both early and later (war) muster records for Murdock may have been lost, available muster records from "The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies" show Murdock's service as a Private in Guides & Pioneers companies under the command of Colonel Beverly Robinson.
The periods of service included:
- Capt. William McAlpine's Company 25 Dec 1778 to 23 Feb 1779
- Capt. William McAlpine's Company 25 June 1780 to 24 Aug 1780
- Capt. William McAlpine's Company 25 August 1780 to 24 Oct 1780
- Capt. William McAlpine'Company 25 Oct 1780 to Dec 1780
- Capt. William McAlpine's Company 25 Aug 1781 to Oct 1781.
Company locations during the above periods included both New York and South Carolina.
Loyalist Genealogy : LOYALIST: McKenzie, Murdock
=>DAUGHTER: McKenzie, Ann (Dau. of McKenzie, Murdock) b 1771 (bapt 15 Mar 1772) d 24 Mar 1826 m Pratt, James (Loyalist) c1787 bc 1763 d 27 June 1848.
==>GRANDSON: Pratt, Elias Wright (Son of Pratt, James Loyalist) bc 1805 d Aug 1834 m 27 Sep 1824 Bassett, Adeline b 27 July 1808 d 13 Oct 1863.
===>1st G.GRANDSON: Pratt, Elias Wright, Jr. (Son of Pratt, Elias Wright) b 7 Aug 1834 d 29 Mar 1902 m 24 June 1854 Sparks, Clarissa b 25 Dec 1834 d Jan 1918.
====>2nd G.GRANDSON: Pratt, David (Son of Pratt, Elias Wright, Jr.) b 29 Aug 1868 d May 1943 m 23 Mar 1898 VanNess, Harriet b 25 Dec 1863 d Mar 1955.
=====>3rd G.GRANDDAUGHTER: Pratt, Helen VanNess (Daughter of Pratt, David) m Shotwell, John.
======>UEL APPlCANT: Shotwell, John (Jr.) (Son of Pratt, Helen VanNess).
Family History : Early Families of the "Mackadavy" by Calvin Lee Craig, pages 368-375.
First Family Listing in First Families of New Brunswick beginning with Pratt, James and spouse, Pratt (McKenzie), Ann.
Family Genealogy : Microfilmed parish record of the Church of Scotland, Parish Church of Inverness, on file in the LDS Salt Lake City, Utah Family History Library indicate that Murdach McKenzie was bapt 2 Jan 1745 by Mr. McBean and his parents were Murdach McKenzie and Kathrine Davidson.
Sources : "The Loyalists of New Brunswick" by Esther Clark Wright, pg. 312.

Information provided by John Shotwell.
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