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Loyalist Directory: Nicholas II (Son of Nicholas I)  Mattice

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Surname :  Mattice
Given name : Nicholas II (Son of Nicholas I)
Rank : Private
Where Resettled : Lot # 35 (200 acres) in the first concession (County of Stormont, #5 of township, Elisabeth town).
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Source : Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783. Original data from: The National Archives
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Captain John McDonell's Company, 1st Battalion, King's Royal Regiment of NY
Butler's Rangers (at disbandment at Niagara 1784)
Enlistment Date : New York › Vrooman's Regiment (Albany County) Butler's Rangers - Eastern District
Date & Place of Birth : Schoharie Valley, Schoharie
Weiserdorf, NY on 17 May 1718
Settled before war : NY 17 May 1718 Weiserdorf
Livingston Manor (East Camp), Schoharie, NY
Date & Place of Death : The Schoharie and Mohawk Valley
Place of Burial : 1796 Cornwall, ON
Wife Name : Ingold/Ingolt, Sophia
Children : David Bastard
Isaac Bastard
John (Haines, Eva Anna) Bastard
Nicholas III Bastard
Margaret (twin)
Abraham (twin) (Moodey, Sarah)
William II (Goose, Elisabeth)
Adam L. (Rupert, Elizabeth Ann)
Biography :  
Proven Descendants :  
Military Info : New York › Vrooman's Regiment (Albany County) Butler's Rangers - Eastern District
Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History : See the Mattice and Mattiac Family Document for information on the Mattice family history.
Family Genealogy : See Nicholas II record for more information about the Nicholas Mattice family.

Mattice family history, 1709-1961 : Palatine emigration 
Other Info : Mattice, Nicholas II Son of Hendrick Nicholas 1 Son of Hendrick Henry Son of Caspar Matheys/Matthias/Mattice
Information provided by Don Matthias
Reserved :