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Loyalist Directory: Daniel Munro(e)

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Surname : Munro(e)
Given name : Daniel
Rank :  
Where Resettled : Roseway, Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty :  
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment :  
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : C 1738 prob. Scotland
Settled before war : Elizabeth Town, New Jersey
Date & Place of Death : 20 Dec 1806, Roseway, Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Place of Burial : Roseway Cemetery
Wife Name : Mary Boyle
Children : Susannah
Biography : Daniel Munro was probably born in Scotland about 1738 and died in Roseway, Shelburne, Nova Scotia on 20 Dec 1806. He married Mary Boyle before 1769 probably in New Jersey. Mary (Boyle) Munroe was born in New Jersey and died in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, after 23 March 1807 (date of letter to her Brother). Mary Boyle is the daughter of Solomon and Susannah Madelaine (Pelletreau) Boyle of Morris Town, New Jersey. Daniel Munro in his loyalist claim (that was denied) states that he farmed his land in Hoosick, Albany NY and had a loss of 187 pounds sterling. Daniel and his family may possibly have left Hoosick, NY after his land was confiscated and returned to New Jersey, living in Elizabeth Town. He is listed in the Tax Rateables for Elizabeth, Essex County New Jersey for the years 1779 and 1780.

In his loyalist claim, he states he is from Elizabeth Town. He also states that he was imprisoned more than a week for aiding the British. In June 1780 the British army had retreated back to Elizabeth Town. Daniel states in his deposition that in 1780 he "got into British lines and continued there in Government Service as a laboring man in the Wood and Forage yard". He joined with other Loyalists with what became known as the "Port Roseway Association" and was moved with his wife and family of four children to Roseway, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia in 1783. In Nova Scotia, he received 50 acres and a Town Lot. His occupation was listed as a carpenter when he arrived. In 1786 he calls himself a farmer when he applied for compensation for the loss of his farm in Hoosick. This claim was attested to by Evan Cameron, a long time friend. Later on, in 1791 in the Poll tax he is listed as a Mariner, in 1792, a Farmer and in 1794 he is found still living on the 50 acre grant, Lot 45.
Proven Descendants : Linda Hart of Halifax-Dartmouth Br. on 2007.12.10; Halifax/Dartmouth 2012.04.02;
Military Info : Daniel Munro joined the 77th Regiment of Foot raised by Colonel Montgomery at Sterling, Scotland. The regiment was called Montgomerie's Highlanders. Colonel Montgomery's commission date was 4 Jan 1757. The 77th Regiment was engaged in the Seven Years War (1756-1763) and commenced operations in 1758. Soldiers were discharged in 1763 and if they agreed to stay in the colony they were given land grants. Daniel Munroe received 200 acres of land in Hoosick, Albany County, New York. Today, Hoosick is part of Rensselaer County.
Loyalist Genealogy : Certificate application by Linda Hart.

Loyalist Genealogy :
1. Daniel Munro m. Mary Boyle
2. William m. Mary Pettit
3. Daniel Cameron Munro m. Melinda Jane McKenney
4. Ebenezer Munro m. Elizabeth Johnston Doane
5. Samuel Alexander Munroe m. Iva May Leslie
6. Leslie Eben Munroe m. Mary Cecilia McNulty
7. Linda Eileen Munroe Hart (applicant).
Family History :  
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : Information provided by Linda Munroe Hart
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